How do you rub a girls vagina?

Rub on the clit.
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Do girls like it when you rub them?

Yes, but it of course it depends on person and a girl. Everyone has their own spots where you feel pleasure, but also those spots which are on the no-no-list. I personally enj (MORE)
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Do athletic girls have better vaginas?

Athletic girls are generally physically fit and healthy individuals. Healthy bodies usually include healthy body parts, so the answer would probably be yes with the exception (MORE)

Best Remedies for Alleviating Irritation in the Vagina

Vaginal irritation is an aggravating and painful issue which almost every woman will experience within the course of her lifetime. If you are suffering from vaginal irritation (MORE)

Possible Causes of Itchy Bumps on the Vagina

If you notice some itchy bumps on your vagina, you are probably very concerned. The good news is that you may not have a serious health issue. The best thing to do is see your (MORE)
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Should girls shave there vaginas?

  most guys like shaved vaginas but some like hairy vaginas so i would just go with shaved and see how it works out cause most people like shaved vaginas
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What are rub girls in a strip club?

  A "rub girl" is basically a massage therapist at the strip club, you can enjoy a back, neck, shoulder, or full body massage while watching the dancers onstage
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The Most Aggravating Irritation: Vaginitis

Usually you go through life without thinking too much about your various body parts. Sure, you're aware of them, but you don't think too much about them until there's somethin (MORE)

How to Use a Vagina Speculum

A vagina speculum is an instrument used by gynecologists to dilate the vagina, so a doctor can get a better view of the interior. This instrument comes in different types and (MORE)
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How do you rub a girls crotch discreetly?

While deeply kissing her, just let your hand go there in a gentle circular motion. Good Luck!
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Is it bad if a girl rubs herself?

No it's perfectly normal, natural and healthy. A part of growing up. Everybody does it when their body's reach puberty, feelings change and people experiment with themselves a (MORE)

Home Remedies for an Itchy, Burning Vagina

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Vaginal Problems: Sex and Associated Pain

Women's reproductive health can cause worry if it hurts after having sex. For some women this can be a serious issue. It can be embarrassing, painful, and something women have (MORE)