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How do you save songs from YouTube on your laptop.?

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Typing "-saver" between "youtube" and ".com" in the Youtube video page address, you can download the video with http://www.youtube-saver.com/ for free.
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How do you put a video from YouTube to your laptop?

there is a website called www.keepvid.com - go to that and then it allows you to upload a video to your computer from any site. you copy and paste the URL of the youtube video

How do I save a song on my computer from YouTube?

A number of free software are available on the internet , which download you tube clips to your computer , you can download the software by searching for "download you tube vi

Get songs from YouTube?

video2mp3 is a great site, copy and paste the links. tedious? they also have a firefox addon which when you click download the song it brings you straight to the page and st

How do i get a song from YouTube on to my laptop?

  1. Download video using TechCrunch's Youtube Downloader (save as filename1.flv)     2. Use a video converter to change it from a flash video to mp3, FLAC, or any

Song but not on YouTube?

to download it there is ways such as video2mp3 dot net and so on. if your songs not there its probably due to copyright, but no worries check every other week.

Why does my laptop freeze on YouTube?

Maybe because you have too many items or something , maybe , just maybe , SEAN BEAN hacked into your laptop and freezed it with his freeze / cold ray gun that he uses in lord

What songs are in YouTube?

Almost every song is on youtube. People either record the song and put the album picture on the screen for the video portion or show the music video. Some people when putting
In YouTube

Where can I turn youtube videos into songs and save it on my computer?

This is a very simple process but I've listed the steps below just in case you get confused: 1. Go to the youtube video you want and copy the URL address. 2. Go onto the w