How do you say 'Are you having a private conversation' in french?

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est-ce que tu as une conversation en privé

Private conversation between myself and Spouse told to someone else. You confront her she says it is a free country with freedom of speech. Is this disrespect or abuse?

Answer . It's not abusive. The question could be answered better if you described what was discussed and why you feel it should have been kept a private matter between you two. If it was an argument, it's normal for many people to discuss their feelings with an outside person--someone who they (MORE)

How difficult is it to learn conversational French?

If you don't live in a French speaking country you will have a hard time to learn conversational French. However thanks to the internet things have changed. If you use a good audio based course like Audible French which focus on teaching you conversational French you will learn to speak French much (MORE)

What is the act of secretly listening to or reading a private conversation?

The act of secretly listening/watching/surveying someone is called 'surveillance'. If you are listening in on a private conversation, it could be said that you are keeping a surveillance over them. . However, there is another word for listening in on a conversation you are not a part of - and that (MORE)

Is it legal for law enforcement to tap or listen in on your private conversations?

Yes and no. To do this they must have "reasonable cause" and this means they think you are planning an illegal event or an attack. Since 9-11 the lines on this have blurred and many Americans have been tapped or listened in on. There are trigger words that are "picked up" by the computers and this w (MORE)

What to say to keep a conversation going?

Ask open ended questions. If both have common interest or hobby, it will be easier. If no common interest, then ask the person what makes him / her likes it. The very important factor here is also to be a good listener. Listen to what ur partner got to say and react genuinely and accordingly.

Will my conversations on MSN be private?

MSN conservations will be private unless the people in that roomwill see your conversation, but if none of you in the room have aspecific virus then yes your conversations are private.

What do you say to your boyfriend to start a conversation?

okay, if he is your boyfriend he should be someone you can talk to easily. Just start with the normal how are you, talk about your day and youll probably just pick up from there. he is your boyfriend isn't he? talk about anything! If you can't start a conversation with you boyfriend... you shouldn't (MORE)

How do you start a conversation in french?

Using 'bonjour' is a good idea. Then you can ask questions or talk fo any subject you like. Subjects for opening a conversation between persons who don't know each other are often mundane (speaking of the weather for instance), just as it is done in English.

How do you say in french are you having a nice holiday?

to say "Are you having a nice holiday" in french is "avez-vous un jour férié agréable?" . resource: . . Correction by Crisdean . Un jour férié is a day-off (Christmas, new years day, Labour day, 14th of July...) . Holiday in french is Vacances (MORE)

What is the best way to learn conversational french?

Well, in my opinion, the best way to learn conversational French is to spend a while in France. If this is unavailable, then perhaps talking a lot to a fluent French-speaker or somebody from France? My siblings have both been to France on several occasions, and now speak brilliant conversational Fre (MORE)

How does texting keep conversations private?

It doesn't hun, actually to be honest, all of your conversations are logged. You can even be heard over the phone if you are not careful. Thing is they search for key words, if their device, (which ever one it is being used) locates or finds or tracks it, your conversatons are logged. If you are not (MORE)

The man I love is plannig to move in with me is having late night conversations with another women and I am uncomfortable with thisHe says they are only friends but doesnt know if he loves her?

Dump him right nowww hes cheating on ya!!!:) ANSWER: Sweetie don't make a mistakes of being a naive girlfriend. If he is planning to move in with you, who came up with this plan, you or him? His not even living with you and your already having problem with him. Maybe it was nice of him to tell (MORE)

How do you say 'conversations' in Bulgarian?

plural of conversation разговори, беседи CONVERSION [kən'və:ʃn] 1. превръщане, обръщане ( to, into ), приспособяване, Ð¿Ñ€ÐµÑƒÑÑ‚Ñ (MORE)

How do you say 'converse' in Bulgarian?

CONVERSE [kən'və:s] I. 1. говоря, разговарям, беседвам ( with someone about something ) 2. общувам ( with ) разбирам се ( with ) II. 1. ост. разР(MORE)

Dream of having a conversation with an old girlfriend?

If a woman dreams of a conversation with an old girlfriend, she is probably encountering her past self in the dream. If a man has a similar dream, he could be yearning for lost youth or wondering about missed opportunities.

What did the queen say after the french revolution and what is she famous for having said?

Just before the French revolution broke out, there was a serious bread shortage in France. The people believed it was a trick of their monarchs so that the price of bread would rise skyhigh and the economy would benefit from it. They believed the King and Queen had a large stock of flower hidden in (MORE)

Is converse county memorial hospital public or private?

The Memorial Hospital of Converse County in Douglas, Wyoming, Laramie Peak is owned by the local district government authority. It is also certified by Medicare (1) for Critical Access care. It has 25 beds, but also runs clinics and provides health care support to the county. PATIENTS ARE BILLED (MORE)

What does it mean to see a girl in your dreams All I can remember was me saying hey to her and us having a very short conversation and then she just gazed into my eyes?

Dreams are, in a sense, the door to the subconscience. In other words, our primal desires that may not be surfaced reside here. When you say "a" girl, I would assume that you do not know this particular individual. If that is the case, then I would say that you have the strong desire to be noticed, (MORE)

How do you say we are having in french?

It depends on the context: We are having Lunch would be: Nous mangeons le dinner The correct way would be: We are eating lunch If you say: We are having pain: it would be: Nous avons des douleurs Hope this helps

What to say when the conversation dies?

Ask random questions, then create a conversation from the answers given. Example questions: . What is your favourite book . What is your favourite food . What is your favourite chocolate . What is your favourite film . What is your favourite TV show . What is your favourite animal . What i (MORE)

How do you say conversion in Arabic?

there are many ways to say conversion in Arabic. i can think of two words: 1. TAHWEL تحويل 2.MUAADALAH معادله i wish you have mentioned what kind of conversion you are talking about, but the above two words are the words generally used to say conversion.

How do start a private conversation with a boy when you are going to ask him out?

1.) Practice. Make sure you don't mess up. Practice on a mirror. 2.) Be confident. Don't benervous. If you are have a rubber band on your wrist to play withevery time you get nervous around him. 3.) Be alone with him . Make sure his Friends are not there. Or yours. 4.) Physical cont (MORE)