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How do you say Emily in Japanese?

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How do you say Japanese people in Japanese?

日本人 Nihon jin にほん じん 日本人 --------------------------------------------- You wouldn't be saying "Japanese people

What is Emily in Japanese?

...Because this is the 4th I've answered like this I'm just gonna repost my answer. This is a Western name so thus has no REAL Japanese equivalent. That being said, you can

How do you say no i am not Japanese in Japanese?

iie, nihonjin janaiyo じょだんだろう。 日本人じゃないよ。 いいえ(iie)

How do you say how did you learn Japanese in Japanese?

どう日本語を学んだ? (dou ninhongo wo mananda) means "How did you learn Japanese?". 日本語は何処でè¦