How do you say Hello How are you in Mexican?

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In first place it is not mexican, it is spanish and now I will answer your question "Hello How are you - Hola, Como estas"
I am in California and I have yet to meet a Mexican that speaks Castilian Spanish as is taught in our Public Schools. I hosted a Mexican Foreign Exchange high school student from Tijuana for a year who ennrolled in a Spanish Language Class and failed the course!
I also hosted Foreign Exchange Students from Spain and they could not converse with the Mexican speaking students.
Go figure.
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How do you say hello?

Hello in English is pronounced (hell-OH). It rhymes with Jello and yellow. A common version of hello is "hi." (*for hello in other languages, see the questions "how do you say hello in __")

Why do we say hello?

When meeting someone for the first time or not seeing someone for a very long time, you want them to feel welcome in your home, friends home, etc. Saying a simple hello can make a person feel welcomed or even made their day. So, just say it with a smile and you'll feel 100% better when you found out (MORE)

How do i say hello in Ukraine?

The previous answers are incorrect. They were both in Russian. Ukrainians and Russians are not the same. Neither are their languages. And the language of Ukraine is UKRAINIAN. and you say good day. "dobriy den'" Answer: Pruwit witch means "hello" . The pronansuation is not 100% rig (MORE)

How do you say 'hello' or 'hi' in French?

There are different ways of saying 'hello' or 'hi' in French. Forexample, one is Allo , over the telephone. Another is Salut , among the close circle of family and friends. Stillanother is Tiens .

What are Other ways to say hello?

There are so many different variations for saying helo some of these are hi hey elloooo wotcha whats happening hows it going hows it hanging alrite hola aloha greetings put it there long time no see nice to see you plus many more fways in many languages and slangs from every country in the world.

How do you say hello in African?

imaliosh. firstly Africa has a whole lot of languages, we do not speak one language. African is not a language, in Zulu we say- Sanibonani. in sotho we say- Dumelang. research on the language you want to know first.

How do you say hello beautiful in burmese?

(I'm not exactly sure how to spell it, but it's pronunciation should be something like "mingliaba")-- the right pronunciation is min-gla-ba...but it does not mean hello beautiful...'min-gla-ba' means 'hello'

How do you say hello in inuit language?

In the Inuktituk dialects of Inuit, when speaking to someone you just met you would use: ulaakut (good morning) unusakut (good afternoon) unukut (good evening) or alianaiq (pleased to meet you). For people you know you would say ainngai , meaning hello or hi.

How do you say hello in Nigerian?

There is actually no such language as "Nigerian". English is theonly official language, but there are more than 500 nativelanguages. If you would like a translation, you would need to specify whichlanguage you are talking about. If you are not sure, here is a listof languages to choose from: 1. Ab (MORE)

How do you say hello in Native American?

There were countless native American tribes with differing languages. "Yatahey" is a very commonly used Navajo greeting similar to "aloha". Also "aho" is the most popular word for "amen" but I am not sure of its origin.

How do you say hello in Jamaica?

The national language of Jamaica is English so the same way you would say 'Hello' in any other English-speaking country. this is how you say hello in Jamaica:respect and nod your head

How do you say how are you in Mexican?

¿CÓMO ESTÁ / ESTÁN / ESTÁS / ESTÁIS ? ¿QUÉ TAL LE / LES / TE / OS VA? "¿Como estas (mesas)?" ¿Like these (tables)? There is no "Mexican". People in Mexico speak Spanish.

How do you say 'Hello how are you' in Mexican?

This answer has some interesting points given in the primary answer and in the later response. One of the issues is the question of what constitutes a "language." All widespread languages have local variations. English is spoken differently in the US than in the UK, Australia, Canada, various Europe (MORE)

Why did you say hello?

Hello is a traditional greeting, both on and offline. Usually you say it to acknowledge someone else, and let them know they are noticed.

How do you say hello my friend in Hebrew?

To a male friend: shalom, khaveri (שלום, חברי) To a female friend: shalom, khaverti (שלום, חברתי) (the kh is a gutteral sound)

How do you say hello is loren there in polish?

I presume it's a question asked via a telephone. A direct translation is: "Halo! Czy jest Loren?" but this could be considered rude. You'd rather typically say: "Halo! Czy zastałem Loren?" (if you are a male) "Halo! Czy zastałam Loren?" (if you are a female) or "Halo! Czy mo (MORE)

How do you say Hello in cree language?

Cree does not have a direct equivalent to "hello", but there are these words of greeting: tawaw .........................welcome tansi (or) ta'nisi. ..........hi, how are you?, how are things? (it literally means "how?") .

How do you say hello in Kanuri?

Not sure about spelings but phonetically: N dawa tu (means good morning) Nda doubdo (Good afternoon/evening) The answer (Fine )is: kuwala sule it's rather Kelewa siley

How do you say hello how are you in japaniese?

There are a number of ways to say hello in Japanese: . Konnichiwa (Good afternoon) . Ohayou gozaimasu (Good morning) . Konbanwa (Good evening) . Gokigenyou (Any time of day) . Domo (Kind of a rude way to say it) . Moshi moshi (On the phone) "Genki desu ka?" means how are you, so you can u (MORE)

How do you say hello in Comanche?

In Comanche you say mar ú awe (hello to one person); mar ú aweb u kw u (hello to 2 people); mar ú aweka (hello to a group). .

How do you say hello in British English?

it's exactly the same. American English and British English are the same language, apart from favor to favour and color to colour. My spell cheack says the British versions are wrong. Ignore it! :D Hope this helps ~Happypieman~

How do you say hello in sighn language?

In the version of sign language used by the Plains tribes, there was historically no sign for hello or hi, or welcome, or good morning or good afternoon. When meeting a stranger, each party would first want to know the identity of the other, using the signs for "Question you called?" or "Question (MORE)

How do you say hello in the Korean language?

안녕 = An nyoung = hello, informal 안녕하세요 = An nyoung ha seh yo = hello, formal 여보세요 = yaw bo seh yo = hello on a telephone

What do you say if she says hello?

well if you like her you could always tell her that, and she might blush like i would but then if ur lucky u could start up a conversation.

How do you say hello how are you babe in greek?

yasou, ti canis agapi? (ya - soo, tea - can - is, a - gapi) ...except that agapi means "love" and "babe" would more accurately be translated as "moro," although a Greek speaker would probably use "koukla" (doll) for "babe" instead of moro.

How does Wales say hello?

'Bore da' - Good morning. 'Prynhawn dda' - Good afternoon. 'Nos da' - Good night. 'Shwmae!' - Hi! 'Helo'- Hello. ... and probably loads more I can't think of! :) Hope I helped!

How do you say in Mexican?

this question is confusing, first, Mexican isn't a language, you probably meant spanish, second what are you trying to say in spanish?

How do you say you are Mexican?

You can say "Usted es mexicano" or "Eres mexicano". Substitute "mexicana" for females. 'Yo soy mexicano/a' = 'Iam Mexican'

How do you say hello friends in Mexican?

Mexicans speak Spanish, so the 'Mexican' language is actuallySpanish! You'd say 'Hola amigos' if talking to a group of onlymales, or a mixed group of males and females. To speak to a groupof females, you would say 'Hola amigas.'