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How do you say I'm sorry please forgive me in Spanish?

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"I'm sorry please forgive me" in Spanish is "Lo siento, por favor perdóname". It is pronounced "low see-EHN-toe, poor fah-BORE pair-DOE-nah-may". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Translations
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How do you say I'm sorry in Japanese?

You may say 'sumimasen' to apologize if something you are doing is inconveniencing someone. (In this way, it is similar to 'Excuse me.' If you bump into someone, you can say '

How do you say I'm sorry in Korean?

 The most common ways to say "I'm sorry" in Korean are:       죄송합니다 (joesonghamnida)* - formal   미안합니다 (mianhamnida) - polite   미안

How do you say I'm sorry in Chinese?

There are two main ways to say 'sorry' in Chinese: DUI bu qi (sounds like deh boo chee) bu hao yi se (sounds like boo how ee sir) You don't need to worry too much about

How do I say I'm sorry in Spanish?

  When you are apologizing for a wrong you would say Lo siento. To apologize for an interruption of some kind, you would say Disculpe or Perdón.

What can i say after i say I'm sorry?

After you say sorry to a female especially...you should say why you're sorry, (i.e. you're crying and it didn't occur to me that that would happen) then you should list the th