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How do you say I am sorry please forgive me in Filipino?

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Sorry. Patawarin mo ako.
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How do you say I'm sorry please forgive me in Spanish?

"I'm sorry please forgive me" in Spanish is "Lo siento, por favor perdóname". It is pronounced "low see-EHN-toe, poor fah-BORE pair-DOE-nah-may". Please see this site for con

How do you say sorry?

    You should first state what you did, and why you feel bad about it, and end your apology with something like, "I'm sorry."

How do you forgive someone who is not even sorry?

Not equipped to apologizeUnderstanding that the other person does not possess the tools to offer an apology can help you to forgive them. We all see things from our own perspe

How do you say I am sorry in Filipino?

  I'm sorry - Patawad forgive me - patawarin mo ako excuse me - pagpasensyahan nyo na po ko in saying sorry to Filipinos facial expression should also be expressed s

How do you say Please forgive me in hawaiian?

Ahhh so ya done somethin that resulted in stinkface eh? Never delay an apology for wrong doing because ya aren't sure how to say it right... "Sorry" works just as well if ya m

Girlfriend of 10 months went to a concert smoked weed while drunk and slept with another guy. She says she is sorry. Should I forgive her?

I am in a relationship myself so I think that I can offer some  advice on this topic. I have been in a relationship for 2 years and  3 months and have never even thought abo