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How do you say I dont speak Spanish in Spanish?

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The correct translation (in Spain) is: "No hablo espanol." Pronounced "noh a-bloh es-pan-yol" (There is a tilde over the "n" in "espanol)
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How Do You Say in Spanish Do You Speak Spanish?

There are several ways to ask if one speaks Spanish. If you are asking a friend or someone younger, you would say "¿Hablas español?" If you are asking an elder, family m

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"Do you speak Spanish" would come in two forms, depending on to whom you are speaking. For a formal tone, one would use "¿Habla usted español?". Informally, it would be

How do you say you dont speak Spanish in Spanish?

"I don't speak Spanish" would be "No hablo español" "Sorry, I don't speak Spanish" would be "Disculpe, no hablo español" The second one is better if you want to be polit

How do I say in Spanish 'I do not speak Spanish'?

"No hablo español" is the easiest way to say "I do not speak Spanish". but remember the h in spanish is silent so you basically are just saying "ablo" and the "ñ" makes