How do you say Sweden in Sweden?

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Sverige (Sv-air-ye) - note that it has two syllables, not three, and the "air" bit is not a diphthong.
It appears to be extremely difficult for non-Swedes to pronounce this, especially the sv- combination, which is neither zv- nor sf- but an s followed by a v.
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Driving in Sweden?

Probably wouldn't be much different than anywhere else in western Europe. You need to ask an actual question if you want a more specific answer than that.

Where is Sweden?

Sweden is a sovereign state in northern Europe on the Scandinavian peninsula. It lies between Norway (to the west) and Finland (to the east). The Baltic Sea connects Sweden to several other countries, including Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. (It also borders Russia through (MORE)

How do you say christmas in sweden?

Jul is Christmas in Swedish. To say "Merry Christmas" you would say "God Jul". The j in swedish is always pronounced like an english y. Phonetically, it sounds just like our "you'll".

How do you say and in Sweden?

och Always pronounce it (Oh-ck) Actually in normal everyday speech it's pronounced "aw" or "or", no k-sound at the end. In careful speech it's pronounced "okk" (the o is as in on, not oh as in cold).

What is vickning in Sweden?

That's when your serving a snack around midnight on a biger party. Often weddings. The snack use to be hot dogs our lasagne.

Does Sweden have senators?

No. Sweden is a democratic country, not a republic thus no need for senators. Sweden does have riksdagsledamöter, wich is very similar to the American house of congress where all national policy, laws and taxation is decided upon.

What did Sweden invent?

Swedes have invented many things, among them: The adjustable wrench . The Celsius temperature scale The sun-controlled gas-vent, originally used in light-houses The safety-match The first wholly included pacemaker The centrifugal separator The dynamite This is only a short list.

Who founded Sweden?

The king Gustav Vasa (sometimes spelled Wasa) is usually considered the founder (father) of the country Sweden Birger Jarl united Sweden in the 11th century and he is also the founder of Sweden's capital city Stockholm.

What is the poulation of Sweden?

9 223 766 swedes were there in the 31 of July 2008, according to (the swedish government administration of statistics)

What can you do in Sweden?

There are many activities for people when visiting Sweden,including festivals. People can also enjoy museums, theme parks,and landmarks.

Why was Sweden founded?

It's always been here since the ice age and then it just naturally got a name when people came. It's not a country that was found like the USA or Australia for instance. We have always been here.

What are Swedens exports?

Some of Sweden's exports are machinery, motor vehicles, paper products, pulp and wood, iron and steel products and chemicals. The main export partner is Germany.

Who is the president of Sweden?

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and therefore does not havea president. . The present king of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf and the PrimeMinister(in 2014) is Fredrik Reinfeldt

Is Sweden a country?

yes, it is located in the North of Europe, in Scandinavia, its capital is stockholm

What are the attractions of Sweden?

Sweden is a very beautiful conutry with many lakes and forests if you enjoy the counryside. It has very lively cities as well with lots of friendly citizens. In the North of Sweden, skiing is available, with lovely resorts which are even used for Skiing Championships.

What is Sweden?

Sweden is a souvereign state in the north of Europe on the peninsula of Scandinavia. It borders to Norway and Finland on land. It borders to those countries over seas: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Russia (through Russia's enclave Kaliningrad).

How do you say santa in Sweden?

To say the name Santa in the Swedish language you say Jultomten.The Italians call him Babbo Natale and the French call him PereNoel.

Why is Sweden called Sweden?

It is called "Sverige". Sweden is just an English translation. The word "Sverige" is formed by two other words, "Svea" which is an old name for one of the old nations forming Sweden and the word "rike" (or with old spelling "rige") which means kingdom. Sverige = kingdom of Svea.

How do you say welcome in Sweden?

\n. \n. \nWelcome = Välkommen (vell-com-men) \n. \nYou're welcome = Var så god! (vaa-r (roll the r) saw go-d (o pronounced like in "gore")

How do you say please in Sweden?

"Tack" is used if you order something but it is the word for thankyou. For example, whereas it is common in English to say "Please could I have a glass of water" or " Could I have a glass of water please" , the Swedish way would translate to the grammar of the second sentence here. - Kan jag fà (MORE)

Say hi your name is in Sweden?

Hi your name is in Sweden is said as "Hej, ditt namn är". But ifthe question is meant to be interpreted so that one wishes to tellother Swedish speakers their name, then the translation for 'myname is' would be "Mitt namn är [ name here ]", or "Jagheter [ name here ]".

Is Sweden a peninsula?

There is an easy answer to this one : Yes. Sweden is indeed a peninsula, it's part of the Scandinavian peninsula which, as you probably know, consists of Sweden, Norway and the northwestern part of Finland.

Did Sweden have colonies?

Yes, Sweden did have an empire. They took over much of Scandinavia and some parts of mainland Europe. Sweden also had colonies in Africa and the Americas (Caribbean islands and present day Delaware were part of Sweden).

Is there a monarchy in Sweden?

no, its a nornal demochracy with election and goverment. -> we have a king but he has no power, he is only doing ceromonilal tasks(with a scissor)

What reigion is Sweden in?

christian- protestant is in majority only a few lives and reads the bible by the book(interprent exatly)

What is the nickname of Sweden and why?

Sweden has no official nick name. "Sweden" does not mean anything but is the English translation of the swedish word "Sverige". "Sverige" is actually two words: "Svea" (which is the name of the people that used to live in the Stockholm and Helsinki areas thousands of years ago) and "Rike" which me (MORE)

Famous saying of Sweden?

1. dont sell the bear before it is shoot. 2. easydone like a panecake 3. hungry as a wolf. 4. happy as a lärka(type of bird) 5. dumb as a doonkey

Where is svanesund Sweden?

To be very technical, it's located at 58.08 N, 11.50 E. To be considerably less technical, Svanesund is a very small town (with a population of about 1,400) in the Bohuslan Province of Sweden.

Who is the presindent of Sweden?

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy and therefore does not have a president, it has a king as head of state and a prime minister as head of government.

What does Santa Claus say in Sweden?

Santa, or "Jultomten" as he is known in Sweden, comes to the house with the presents and says "Finns det några snälla barn här?", i e " Are there any good/nice children here?"

What do kids do in Sweden?

Do you mean like 9-15 years olds? Kids are very different in Sweden, but here are some what they do: - Sports. Skateboard, Football (very popular), basketball, floorball, track and field, everything. - Video games, computer games. - Hanging out with friends - Hanging around in the city. They just (MORE)

Is Sweden in the Arctic?

Yes and No, the northern parts are in the Artic circle whicle the southern parts are nest to Europe.

How are the people in Sweden?

Swedes are very helpful and friendly. They are somewhat reserved towards strangers. This is usually in order to respect privacy, since Swedes don't like to intrude.

Is sweden landlocked?

No. A landlocked country is one that is surrounded byother countries on all sides, and does not have a seacoast.

What are the religion of Sweden?

Sweden doesn't have a state religion, per se. Howeverr, the FORMERstate religion, 'Svenska Kyrkan', is still the overwhelminglylargest and is Lutheran christian.

What do Sweden mine?

1. iron ore , 90 % of the production within EU. 2. some gold,silver and coppar is also find in the ore.

How do you say you in Sweden?

The direct translation of 'you' into Swedish, assuming the singular 'you', is 'du', pronounced almost like the word 'do' in English. If you are after the plural of 'you' (e.g. 'you all'), the Swedish word is 'ni', pronounced like the English word 'knee'.

How are you in Sweden?

Fine, thank you - and you, wherever you are? Hur mår du? (how areyou feeling?) Hur har du det? (how is life?)

How do you say stop in Sweden?

Depends. Pronunciation is a bit different, but "stop" ( spelled"stopp" in Swedish) would be instantly understandable. Or forthings in motion you can also use "stanna."