How do you say Ukraine in Ukraine?

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"oo" like in "cool"
"ah" as the a in "tar"
roll the "r" a little
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Where is Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe between Russia on the east,Belarus on the North, Poland on the west, and Romania, Moldova, andthe Black Sea to the south. On that map i

Is it proper to say 'the Ukraine' or just Ukraine?

Just "Ukraine". "The Ukraine" was mainly used before Ukraine became independent in 1991 and that is why many anchors and writers still tend to use "the" but it has greatly cha

How do i say hello in Ukraine?

The previous answers are incorrect. They were both in Russian. Ukrainians and Russians are not the same. Neither are their languages. And the language of Ukraine is UKRA

Where is ukrain?

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country on the European continent, after Russia.

How can you get to Ukraine?

You can walk, run or swim, better ask them first though. Just a word of warning watch your back as you will probably get shot. It has been nice answering your question and I h