How do you say admire in french?

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to admire is 'admirer' in French.
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How do you say i admire you in spanish?

"I admire you" in Spanish is "Te admiro." It is pronounced, "Tay ahd-MEER-oh." Sites such as provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.

What french general did Beethoven admire?

Beethoven admired Napolean Bonaparte - so much so that he originally dedicated his Third Symphony to him. When Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor, however, Beethoven changed th

How do you say your secret admirer in Spanish?

your secret admirer: tu admirador secreto my secret admirer: mi admirador secreto her/his secret admirer: su admirador secreto or el/la admirador/a secreto/a de el/ella a s
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What you say to admire someone?

just be kind to that person and write them a letter or something to tell them so you dont have to tell them in person but it's up to u.
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When a man says they admire a woman?

Well I can say speaking for myself, that I definitely admire and love when a woman is kind to everyone, instead of being rude to some people for another clique's satisfaction.