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Translation: beau(x) / bel / belle(s)
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Answer 1un beau soleil (masc.) > a beautiful sun
un bel homme (masc., but before a vowel sound) > a handsome man
une belle femme (fem.) > a beautiful woman
The plurals are beaux and belles. (If beaux comes before a noun that starts with a vowel sound, the "x" is pronounced like an English "z" such as in "beaux arts", otherwise the "x" is silent.)

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if it's masculine the French word is 'beau'.
if it's feminine the French word is 'belle'.

e.g. she is beautiful = elle est belle Beau or Belle. Il est beau (He is beautiful). Elle est belle (She is beautiful).
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How do you say beautiful in french Italian spanish?

In French: "belle" feminine "beau" masculine (or "bel" if in front of a a word with a vowel sound at the beginning) "belles" feminine plural "beaux" masculine plural

How do you say beautiful ones in french?

There are two ways of expressing beauty. "Beau" is the masculine form & "belle" is the femmine form. Ex.) Il est beau. This means; He is beautiful. Ex.) Elle est beau. This me

How do to say your beautiful in french?

If you mean to say "you are beatiful", you will say it "tu es beau",if he is a boy. or you will say it "tu es belle",if she is a girl. but if you mean to say "your beati

How do you say beauty is as beauty does in french?

The expression meaning that a person's beauty comes from their actions as opposed to their physical traits does not exist using those words in french. "Le beauté est comme