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How do you say father in Ukrainian?

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How do you say 'bye in Ukrainian?

There are various ways of saying 'bye in Ukrainian. You could say "до побачення" (formal), which means "good bye". It is pronounced "do pobuchenna", where the "u"

How do you say my family is Ukrainian in Ukrainian language?

My family is Ukrainian: МОЯ РОДИНА - УКРАЇНСЬКА . Pronunciation: Moya rodyna - ukrayins'ka.

How do you say yes in Ukrainian?

  Yes is Tak! with the a having a long vowel sound.

How do you say love in Ukrainian?

  love кохати, любити, кохання, любов I love you = я тебе кохаю, я тебе люблю make love = кохатися, любитис

How do you say belly button in Ukrainian?

In our household, the name was "poo-pits" though that may have been slang.