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How do you say happy retirement in Portuguese?

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Feliz aposentadoria.
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How do you say happy retirement in German?

Happy retirement! translates as Alles Gute für den Ruhestand.

How do you say 'Be happy' in Portuguese?

The Portuguese equivalent of the English wish 'Be happy' is the following: Esta feliz. The Portuguese pronunciation is the following: ee-SHTAH feh-LEESH. The word-by-word tran

How do you say i am happy with you in portuguese?

It depends. The verb 'to be' can be tricky for a non-speaker to understand. If you mean that you are happy having the person in your life then you mean: "Sou feliz com você."
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What do you say in a written happy retirement?

Depending on the relationship with the person retiring, would determine what to say in a written Happy Retirement. If the relationship is not a close on, a simple "Congratulat