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How do you say hello in Malawi?

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There is no direct translated word for Hello, 'Muli bwanji' is the formal greeting in Malawi, it means how are you.
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How do you say hello?

Hello in English is pronounced (hell-OH). It rhymes with Jello and yellow. A common version of hello is "hi." (*for hello in other languages, see the questions "how do you

Why do you say 'hello'?

  To say 'hello' is a form of greeting.

Why do we say hello?

When meeting someone for the first time or not seeing someone for a very long time, you want them to feel welcome in your home, friends home, etc. Saying a simple hello can ma

Why did you say hello?

  Hello is a traditional greeting, both on and offline. Usually you say it to acknowledge someone else, and let them know they are noticed.

What do you say if she says hello?

well if you like her you could always tell her that, and she might blush like i would but then if ur lucky u could start up a conversation.