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How do you say holy womenin the French language?

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Nun is religieuse, soeur, or bonne soeur.
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What is the holy language in Christianity?

Answer:   No "holy" language is mentioned in scripture for Christianity or any other of man's religions or any nation, culture or creed. According to the Bible only one

How do you say in French language Can you speak French?

you can say "Parles-tu français?" "Est-ce que tu parles français?" "Tu parles français?" Or, in more formal situations(ex. you're meeting a stranger) you may replace "tu" w

Why say holy ghost and not holy spirit?

  Holy Ghost was used in the older English during King James' time (1611 and before and after) but don't worry, the word Spirit and Ghost in English both mean "pneuma" i

How do you say puppet in the french language?

  Depends on the sentence really.   I have some puppets.   J'ai des marionnettes.   I have a puppet.   J'ai une marionnette.   I have two puppets.   J'ai
In Judaism

In what language is the Jewish holy book?

The Jewish holy book is a set of 24 books called the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh. The Christian translation of these books is called "the Old Testament." These books are mostly i