How do you say hooray in Dutch?

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How do you say Dutch in Dutch?

'Dutch' is 'Nederlands' in Dutch The English word is derived from "Diets". Dutch is based on Frankish, but that term has vanished into the mists of time, or so it seems. Nederland simply means low (nether) land, surviving in the term Low Countries (including Belgium, where another form of Low G (MORE)

What is 'How do you say this in Dutch' in Dutch?

Hoe zeg je dit in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this in Dutch'. Hoe zeg je dit woord in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this word in Dutch'.

How do you say thank you in dutch?

Dank je (informal) or dank je wel Dank u (formal) or dank u wel You can also say 'bedankt' what is 'thanks'. Dank je wel or dank je are informal equivalents of 'Thank you' to those with whom you share your close circle of family, friends, and peers. Dank u or dank u wel are formal equiva (MORE)

How do you say you in Dutch?

"jij" for your friends etc, "u" for someone who's your teacher or grandma or whatever. "jij" for your friends etc, "u" for someone who's your teacher or grandma or whatever. jij: you u:you ( polite form, singular)

How do you say great in Dutch?

If you mean great in great barrier riff its "groot" (speak like boat replace b for gr). if you mean great as an expression, it is "geweldig" (speak as,....dont know mate sounds like welding). you first have to practice you G you will struggle with that. Good luck

How do you you say hooray in Spanish?

There really is not direct translation from English to Spanish of the word 'Hooray'. I'm not a native speaker but am fluent, and I have never heard anyone of my friends say 'hurray' which is what most Spanish/English dictionaries will tell you. Personally, I use expressions like: Que Bueno! or (MORE)

How do you say I'm good in Dutch?

If you mean "I'm good" as in "How are you?" "I'm good", the reply would be 'Met mij gaat alles goed' But if you mean that you're good like I'm the best then it is: Ik ben goed.

How do you say Ms in dutch?

ok the pronunciation for it is MAFROW and you gotta role that R cause then it doesn't sound dutch. and say the ow ending like ow not O ok?

How do you say 'Do you speak Dutch' in Dutch?

Spreek je Nederlands is an informal equivalent in Dutch to'Do you speak Dutch'. It may be used with the speaker's closecircle of family, friends, and peers. A polite equivalent forstrangers and elders is Spreekt u Nederlands ? Answer The Dutch phrase for "Do you speak Dutch?" is: . " (MORE)

Hoew to say How are you in Dutch?

either "Hoe gaat het?" which translates to "How is it going?" (pronounce "Hoo ghaat het?") or "Alles goed (met jou)?", translates to "Everything good (with you)?" (pronounce "Al-ess ghoot (met yauw)?"

How do you say Dutch boy in Dutch?

"Dutch boy" = "Nederlandse jongen" - Dutch = Nederlands (with neutral words)/ Nederlands e (with feminine and masculine words). - Boy = jongen.

How do you say the word 'hooray' in Jewish?

There is no such language as "Jewish". If you meant Hebrew, it's heydahd (הידד). Answer: Yiddish is "Jewish" (that's the translation of the word); so yes, there is a language called Jewish. According to my Yiddish dictionary, Hurray is הורא .

What is the saying 'To each his own' in Dutch?

Nu Elck Syn Sin is a Dutch equivalent of the saying 'To each his own'. . The answer above is a "Zaans" saying (Zaans is a dialect spoken in the Dutch province North Holland ) The original Dutch saying is either 'Smaken verschillen' or 'Ieder zijn meug' The first one is more common. Another t (MORE)

How do you say sisters in Dutch?

The singular noun is "Zus" (pronounced as "Z uh s" which is "Sister" The plural form of it is "Zussen" (pronounced as "Z,uh,ss,uhn" so you make every "u" an "uh" sound) which is "Sisters".

How do you say charity in Dutch?

liefdadigheid L-ief (ief: like eef in beef) d-a(a :like when you say aaah) d-i(i:like the i in slim) g(g: like in grr) h-ei(ei:like something smiliar to e in end) d

How do you say best friends in dutch?

Best friends (when reffered to being each others most important friend) is translated as: "Beste vrienden" Best friends (when reffered to as being good friends) is translated as: "Goede vrienden"

How do you say go Netherlands in dutch?

Spell: Nederland (for the country) or Nederlands (for the Dutch language) Pronounce: N( aiduh )l( a )nd with: . ( aiduh ) pronounced like aide in r aide r . ( a ) pronounced like a in a sk

How do you say Cristina in Dutch?

It's almost the same and you won't hear the difference. (dutch people would but that doesn't matter because there are also christina's in the Netherlands who want their names being spoken as in English)

How do you say little in Dutch?

Little has several meanings in Dutch. It really depends on the sentence. My little sister = Mijn kleine zusje They have little success = Ze hebben weinig succes A little bit = Een klein beetje And then there are words that translate entirely different. For example ' little toe' is c (MORE)

How do you say please come in dutch?

please come can be expressed mainly in two ways. It depends on who you're talking to. Is it someone close to you or of the same age (informal) or is it an older person or important one (formal)? informal: kom alsjeblieft (or: wil je komen?) formal: kom alstublieft (but better: wilt u alstublieft k (MORE)

How do you say cook in Dutch?

the english word " cook " is best translated as " koken " in dutch. Here are some examples : i cook : ik kook can you cook well ? : kan je goed koken ? The best way to pronounce " kook " or " koken " is propably : coac / coacen , just like the word coach without the " h " Good luck (MORE)

How do you say Bethlehem in Dutch?

Bethlehem ... same as in English, but the "th" should be pronounced as "t", the second "e" should be pronounced as "a", so it would be pronounced as "Bet lay hem"

How do you say 25 in Dutch?

'twenty-five' is in Dutch 'vijf-en-twintig'. 5 = vijf and 20 = twintig. When you use the link under the related links section, you have to click on the speaker icon under the Dutch translation. Then you'll hear it pronounced. It's not perfect, but you'll get an idea how the Dutch pronounce 'vijf-en- (MORE)

How do say female dog in Dutch?

Female dog (a.k.a. bitch) = teef But most people prefer "teefje" since "teef" is also used as aswear (just like bitch) and "teefje" isn't, even though they havethe same meaning.

How do you say holland in dutch?

The same =) Holland. The country is called the Netherlands ("Nederland" in Dutch) and ithas 12 provinces. Two of them are called Noord-Holland andZuid-Holland (North Holland and South Holland). These provincescombined are called Holland. I prefer "the Netherlands" and"Nederland", but to be honest, (MORE)

How do you say sure in Dutch?

There are a few ways to say it, depending on the meaning of theword. 'Sure' can mean 'natuurlijk' in a sentence like: 'Sure, I'lldo that for you.' This sentence is in Dutch: 'Natuurlijk doe ik datvoor je'. 'Sure' can also mean 'zeker' in a sentence like 'Are you sure?'This is in Dutch: 'Weet je dat (MORE)

How do you say boyfriend in Dutch?

There are two ways of saying 'boyfriend' in Dutch. It all dependson the person and age which one you use. 'vriendje' is mostly used by children and adolescents (since it isconsidered a cute and childish word). 'vriend' (which means either'boyfriend' or just 'friend') is mostly used by persons overe (MORE)