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How do you say hooray in Dutch?

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How do you say Dutch in Dutch?

'Dutch' is 'Nederlands' in Dutch The English word is derived from "Diets". Dutch is based on Frankish, but that term has vanished into the mists of time, or so it seems. Ne

What is 'How do you say this in Dutch' in Dutch?

Hoe zeg je dit in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this in Dutch'. Hoe zeg je dit woord in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this

How do you you say hooray in Spanish?

There really is not direct translation from English to Spanish of the word 'Hooray'. I'm not a native speaker but am fluent, and I have never heard anyone of my friends say 'h

How do you say the word 'hooray' in Jewish?

There is no such language as "Jewish". If you meant Hebrew, it's heydahd (הידד).   Answer:Yiddish is "Jewish" (that's the translation of the word); so yes, there is a

How do you say 'can I have it' in Dutch?

'Can I have it?' is in Dutch 'kan ik het hebben?' If you mean 'may I have it?' it would be 'mag ik het hebben?'

How do you say Do you speak Dutch in Dutch?

The Dutch phrase for "Do you speak Dutch?" is "Spreekt u Nederlands?" (this is formal speech) or "Spreek je Nederlands?" (this is informal speech). Not, as many people think,