How do you say it is not like that in French?

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ce n'est pas comme ça
il n'est pas comme celui
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How do you say like in French?

The verb "to like" in French is "aimer". It is a regular "-er" verb, meaning that it is conjugated with the typical endings of most "-er" verbs. You would conjugate it: J'a

How do you say i like French in French?

I like French: J'aime le français I like the French: J'aime les français I like french class: J'aime le cours de français If you want to say "I l

How do you say do you like French wine in French?

vous aimez le vin français? ---More complete: The above may also be worded in other ways: 1) Aimez-vous le vin français? - Literally: Like you French wine?

How do you say what season do you like in french?

quelle saison vous n'aimez "ne" needs something like "pas", or "rien" etc and indicates a negative. Iwould say "quelle saison aimez vous ?" although since there is an implic

How do you say 'because you like it' in French?

One way is to say "because you like it" is "parce qu'il te plaît," meaning "because it pleases you." ( Il would be replaced by elle if the "it" in question refers to a n