How do you say kitchen in danish?

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How do you say hello in danish?

There are numerous ways to say hello in danish. For instance . Goddag . Hej . Or the more advanced . Dav/Davs . Halløj . ANSWER . hello in danish Hej, hallo, davs, halløj

How do you say goodbye in danish?

Farvel (Long-term farewell) . Vi ses (Short-term farewell, ex. 'See you') . Hej hej (Very casual farewell) Goodbye in Danish is FARVEL . Try for easy translation of different language.

How do you say hi in Danish?

You can say hei (hi) or hallo. Very similar to English. I am not a native speaker in danish but I come from Norway and the languages are very similar.

What is danish?

It's Denmarks language (Denmark is a country in scandinavia) It has simple grammar when it comes to using verbs, but is quite complicated when it comes to using other types of word. The danish language has many special ways to express something, which newcomers often has trouble understanding, al (MORE)

How do you say you are welcome in Danish?

Du er velkommen ( You are welcome ). directly translated. ===. "You are welcome" translated to Danish is:. Selv tak .. Example: thank you very much for your help. answer: you are welcome would be "selv tak".. Other ways to translate the above would be:. Ingen årsag or. Vær sà (MORE)

How can you say hallo in danish?

Yes. "Hallo" is used when you try to get in contact with someone, making sure they hear you. For example on the phone or if shouting for someone.

How to say Good morning in danish?

Danish (Denmark, Greenland) God morgen Danish (Denmark, Greenland) [before noon] God formiddag Danish (Denmark, Greenland) [noon] God middag Danish (Jutland) Mojn

Say kisses in danish?

"Kys" is both plural and singular form of a "kiss" and a lot of "kisses" in Danish.

How do you say grandma in danish?

You can always use bedstemor but it´s a little formal.. The danes usually use mormor (if it is the mother of their mother) or farmor (if it is the mother of their father) Bedstemor

How do say no in danish?

either: ikke, (None or No. - Depending on the question.) ikke nogen, (No body) ikke noget, (Nothing - neuter gender) ingen, (No one) intet, (Nothing - neuter gender) nej, (The precise way of saying no. F.x. Are you sleepy? Nej.) or nr.

How do you say good luck danish?

"Held og lykke" "held"is pronounced a lot like the English word, just with a diminished or swallowed "d". "og"sounds a bit like the first part of "oven", and "lykke"is a tough one to describe. ;) the "y"is pronounced like the "e"in "clerk". same with the "e"

How do you say 'hello' or 'hi' in Danish?

You simply say "hej" which is pronounced almost the same way as the English way of saying "hi". "Hallo" can also be used, but "hej" is the more common way of saying "hi".\nAlthough, you should be careful of not saying "hej hej", because that means "bye" in Danish.

How do you say gorgeous in danish?

depends on context...the root word is "smuk". if you are saying "you are gorgeous" it would be "du er smuk". if you are saying "hey gorgeous" it would be "hey smukke"

How do you say grandmother in Danish?

The Danish way of saying "grandmother" is "bedstemor".\nBut if you are referring to a mothers mum, you can say "mormor" or if you are referring to a fathers mum, you say "farmor"

How do you say is in Danish?

Singularis: I am = Jeg er. You are = Du er. He, she, it is = Han, hun, den/det er. Pluralis: We are = Vi er. You are = I er. They are = De er. "To be" is called "At være" in present tense in Danish, and is spelled the same way whether it's in singularis or pluralis.

Things not to say to a danish?

Don't talk down to the danish. They get all fighty... They also hate it when people compare them to other nationalities, e.g. Germany or Sweden.

How do you say crashed in danish?

The plane has chrashed; Flyet styrtede ned. My computer crashed; Min computer gik ned. The car crashed into the wall; Bilen smadrede i væggen.

How do you say the mother of thor in Danish?

Thor's mother's name is Jord. In order to say the name in Danish you have to be comfortable with the Norse Vowel tones. First, The "J" is of course pronounced like a "Y" in English. Then to say the first vowel in Her name, make your mouth like you were going to say "O" and then say "E". The "R" soun (MORE)

How do you say retard in Danish?

Scientifically : Retard = Retarderet (adj.!) Slang : Retard = Mongol, Spasser, Torsk, Odder, Dompap, Hundehoved, Kraftidiot, Fladpande, Glatnakke, Dummerjan, Nossefår, Klaphat, Båtnakke, Pikhoved, Kvaj, Fjols, Fæ, Nar, Tumpe, Knallert, Flødeøre, Nulbon, Noller, Klovnehoved, Åndsbol (MORE)

How do you say the the Nicene Creed in Danish?

'Den Nikænske Trosbekendelse*' Vi tro pá Gud Den Fader alkraftfulde Producent alles sager Synlig eller unsynlig Og I sig Konge Yesu Krist Den sǿn i Gud Den bare fǿdt sǿn I den Fader Oplyse i aloplyse Kernen I Gud fǿdt ikke skabt er i sig indhold hos den Fader (MORE)

How do you say 'the end' in Danish?

'The end' = = 'Slutningen', but if we are talking about the end of e.g. a film, they would not use the definite case in Danish. They would just write 'Slut'.

How do you say Good Work in Danish?

Well there will probably be a variety of answers, depending on how you mean it. If you say "Good Work" as a praisal of some good work done, you just say "Godt arbejde". It is just the literally translation actually.

How do you say jokes in Danish?

It's actually also called Jokes in danish. Jokes is the mostly used term, or you can take the more complicated: Vittigheder. But I would say jokes :)

How do you say yipee in Danish?

There is no real translation, but i woulod guess that you are trying to express excitement or joy by saying 'Yipee' and that could be expressed in danish with 'Hurra' (pronounced - hoo-rah)

How do you say 'we love you' in Danish?

You say "vi elsker dig" if you are talking to one person. You say "vi elsker jer" if you are talking to more than one person. "We" means "Vi" "Love" means "Elsker" "You" means "dig" or " jer" I am danish myself, so I should know it.

How do you say great granddaughter in danish?

oldebarn = great grandchild there isn't a word for granddaughter or grandson - both are refereed to as 'barnebarn' = grandchild (same goes with 'great ...' -but it's " olde barn")

Why does Eminem say danish in Fast Lane?

Because his previous line is "wait don't stop me now before I get on a roll" and it's a play on words with the popular food named, would you believe it, Danish Roll.

How do you say grandparent in Danish?

grandparent =bedsteforælder grandparents = bedsteforældre granny = bedste grandma = bedstemor grandpa = bedstefar father's father = farfar mother's mother = mormor mother's father = morfar fathers' mother = farmor

How do you say great grandma in danish?

"Oldemor" mor = mom bedstemor = grandma oldemor = great grandma tipoldemor = great great grandma - (far instead of mor in the end goes for the male versions.)

How do you say How do you do in Danish?

"Hvordan går det?" (litterally how goes it - something like how are things ) In english "how do you do?" is often used as a polite question when meeting someone. In Denmark it's a little different, since you normally want someone to answer and tell you how they are, when you ask "hvordan gà (MORE)