How do you say maybe i want you to in spanish?

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Tal vez, yo quiero que lo haga. Possiblemente, quiero...
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How do you say I want to be with you in Spanish?

Depending upon the number of people, the context and the speaker, the words for "I want to be with you" in Spanish are: Quiero estar con usted / ustedes / vosotros, as / vos. But refering to "tú", one person, familiar style: Quiero estar contigo. There really is no direct way to (MORE)

How do you say what do you want to do tomorrow in spanish?

The Spanish words for "what do you want to do tomorrow?" are, "¿Qué quiere hacer mañana?" It is pronounced, "Kay key-AIR-ay ah-SARE mahn-YAH-na?" Sites such as provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.

How do you say you want more in Spanish?

You can say this very bluntly and tactlessly: " Quiero más ". [I want more.] Or you can say it with a modest amount of grace: " Quisiera más, por favor ". [I would like more please.] You're actually more likely to GET more if you use the latter than the former... at least people will feel (MORE)

How do you say i want to learn Spanish in Spanish?

You would say "Yo quiero aprender español" or if you wanted to say I want to know spanish you would say "Yo quiero saber español". It is optional to leave out the "yo" and just say "Quiero aprender español" or "Quiero saber español". IT IS NOT OPTIONAL to maintain the personal pronoun " (MORE)

How do you say i want candy in spanish?

i like candy is -yo te dulce i like you is yo te quiero to love is amar i love you is yo te amo i like a hug is yo te a abrazo i kiss you yo beso quiero my amigo is mi amigo friend ship is amistad yo te a tarjeta is i like a card

How do you say 'I want you forever' in Spanish?

"I want you forever" in Spanish is "te quiero siempre". It is pronounced "tay key-AIR-oh see-EHM-pray". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

How do you say ''what do you want''in Spanish?

"What do you want?" in Spanish is "¿Qué quiere?" It is pronounced "Kay kee-AIR-ay?" Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

How do you say i want you tonight in spanish?

Te deseo esta noche. (I desire you tonight) -- Preferred for a romantic encounter. "Te quiero esta noche" means "I want you tonight" but it could mean "I love you tonight." This is because "quiero" means "I want", but it also means "I love" (the emotion, not the act). Deseo (Desire) is a bette (MORE)

How do you say maybe in Spanish?

"Maybe" in Spanish can be either "tal vez" or "quizás". It is pronounced "TALL-base" or "key-SAHS". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

How do you say do you want an epidural in Spanish?

"Do you want an epidural?" in Spanish is "¿Quieres un epidural?" It is pronounced "Key-AIR-ace oon eh-pee-do-RALL?" Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

How do you say i want my girl by me in Spanish?

Depending on your relationship with the girl, it would be: Quiero a mi novia (girlfriend)/ hija (daughter)/ niña ('girl') conmigo/ a mi lado/ al lado de mí /cerca de mí. conmigo = with me cerca de mí = near me The verb "querer" always carries the accusative preposition "a", (MORE)

How do you say i want to kiss in spanish?

umm..well first of all, it doesn't really make sense in english. but what i understand from this is that you're trying to say, 'i want to kiss' in that case, it would be, 'quiero besar' but if what you mean is 'i want a kiss', then in spanish it would be, 'quiero un beso'.

How do you say I want tacos in spanish?

"I want tacos" in Spanish is "Quiero tacos". It is pronounced "Key-AIR-oh tah-cose". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

How do you say When do you want to meet in Spanish?

There are actually many ways to say this depending on who you are talking to. "Cuando nos juntamos" (When do we meet up?) "Cuando quieres juntar" (When do you want to meet up?) "Cuando quieres conocer a ____" (When do you want to meet [Person's name]?) "Cuando salimos" (When do we go out (MORE)

How do you say what do you want this morning in spanish?

If you're addressing your wife, you'd say, ¿Qué quieres ésta mañana? If you're addressing your new boss, you might say ¿Qué quiere usted ésta mañana? But que quiere is pretty abrupt for a boss in Spanish. You might say, instead, What would you like this morning, Sir? (MORE)

How do you say 'I want my baby' in Spanish?

'Quiero a mi bebé' if it's a small child 'Quiero a mi nene, a / chico, a / rorro, a' if it's your lover/boy-/girlfriend. *The verb "querer", in this case, needs the preposition "a" as the dative, when it means "amar", "tenerle cariño a alguien" or "necesitar a alguien".

How do say 'want to' in Spanish?

You really need context to get a real answer here. First, you need to specify who is doing the wanting. Spanish has six different present tense forms, while English has only two. For example, the English is "I want, you want, he/she/it wants, we want, they want." In Spanish, this is "yo quiero, tà (MORE)

How do you say 'I want a cake' in Spanish?

Argentina: "Me gustaría/Quiero una torta." --In Mexico, a torta isa special kind of sandwich with a bolillo (roll) for the bread. InSpain, torta is the noun form of the word "slap." Puerto Rico and Spain: "Me gustaría/Quiero un bizcocho." --"Bizcocho" has an informal sexual meaning in many co (MORE)

How do say want to be friends in spanish?

¿ Querría / querrían / querrías / querríais que fuéramos (o fuésemos) amigos?. Also: ¿Quisiera / quisieran / quisieras / quisierais ...? . Not like this: ¿quieres ser amigos?

How do you say you want to be in spanish?

Depends on the context of the statement. Is the person talking to one person or man. Is the person talking to a friend or a stranger or an elder or some one of higher status? Are they asking if the person wants to be in a place or are they being asked about an occupation or state of being? You wa (MORE)

How do you say do you want a blanket in spanish?

¿Quieres una manta? - informal (to someone you know well; a friend, sibling, younger cousin, etc.) ¿Usted quiere una manta? - formal (to someone older than you/someone you respect; a teacher, parent, adult, etc.)

How do you say Maybe we could teach each other in spanish?

Quizas podriamos ensenarnos (el uno/la otro/a la otra) The bracketed words mean, literally 'the one to the other' (i.e. each other), but since it could be male-to-male, male-to-female, female-to-female, or female-to-male, depending on the gender of speaker and collocutor, there are va (MORE)

How do say u want to in spanish?

quieres....(+ infinitive of relevant verb) (informal) quiere usted....(+ infinitive of relevant verb) (formal) e.g. 'quieres bailar?' = 'Do you want to dance?' 'quiere usted una taza de te?' = 'Do you want a cup of tea?'

How do i say i want to you in spanish?

"I want you" is 'te quiero'. Your literal sentence is 'te a quiero', which is meaningless. Is a word missing? Do you mean 'I want to - you'? If so 'Te quiero (+ infinitive of relevant verb, e.g. 'encontrar' = 'meet', yielding 'I want to meet you')