How do you say my friends house in french?

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la maison de mon ami / amie
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How do you say best friend in French?

My best friend in French is "mon meilleur ami / ma meilleure amie". You are my best friend in French is Vous êtes mon meilleur ami Are you my best friend? in French is Etes-vous mon meilleur ami?

How do you say 'my friend' in french?

Mon ami ( if it's a guy ) or ma amie (if it's a girl) or Mon copain (guy) or ma copine (girl) *NOTE* French ppl refer to their friends as un copain (guy) or une copine (girl). When they say mon copain or ma copine, they mean their girlfriend or boyfriend . Be careful!

How do you say my friends in french?

The easy singles: mon amie / ma copine (one girl) mon ami / mon copain (one boy) Now it gets a little difficult: mes amies / mes copines (this is said when you are talking about more than one girl, but no boys) mes amis / mes copains (this can either be said when you are talking abou (MORE)

Say friend in french language?

That last answer is the formal way to say 'friend'. male friend - un ami female friend - une amie OR to say "The Friend" you can say- l'ami

How do you say goodbye friend in french?

Au revoir mon ami or Adieu mon ami (if you're never gonna see that person again) you prononce it: oh rev waar moan ah mee or aah Dee u (like in "dumb") moan ah mee

How do you say greet your friend in french?

Salut ( your friend's name) Ca Va? It means whats up hows it going and only use Salut if its only your friends and people younger than you any one else and it would be considered rude

How do you say the French house in French?

In French, "the French house" is "La maison française". You would pronounce this like "lah mays-on fron-sez". To put this together, you need to know two words: the noun "house", which is "maison" and the adjective "French", which is "français". In French nouns are either masculine or (MORE)

How do you say friends and books in french?

Un ami - if a guy friend Des amis - if more than one guy friend Une amie - if a girl friend Des amies - if more than one girl friend Des amis - is a mix of guys and girls Book is livre and books is livres ;-)

How do i say Lynne's house in french?

La Maison de Lynne. La Maison qui appartient à Lynne. La Maison à Lynne. La Maison=The house qui appartient= that belongs to de= possessive à = informal possessive

How do you say my little friend in french?

The French equivalent of "my little friend" is mon ami petit (male) or mon amie petite (female). Likewise, mon petit ami is boyfriend and ma petite amie is girlfriend. Also, the French wouldn't say ma ami e because it does not "flow" pronunciation-wise.

How do you say i love you as a friend in french?

je t'aime bien (saying simply "je t'aime" is understood as "I love you") or "je t'aime comme un ami" (appropriate if you want to clarify things with someone interested in a romance with you, when you just want to be friends)

How do you say glad to be your friend in french?

Content d'être votre ami. (if you're a guy) Contente d'être votre ami. (if you're a girl) 'votre' is used out of respect You can also say 'content(e) d'être ton ami. OR Enchanté d'être ton/votre ami. (if you're a guy) Enchantée d'être ton/votre ami. (if you're a girl)

How do you say i have to be your best friend it french?

It depends on how the statement is intended. If it is intended to be pushy in the same vein as "You must make me your best friend", the translation is "je dois être ton/votre meilleur ami." If it is intended to be an accurate appraisal in the same vein as, "Considering all your friends, I h (MORE)