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The word for please in Japanese changes according to context.
  • onegai shimasu is formal and polite and suggests the speaker is asking a favour
  • nanitozo is extremely polite and rarely heard
  • douzo means something like "please go ahead and do X" and is often used in the phrase "this way please" (kochira e douzo)
  • choudai means something like "please do X for me," and is considered fairly casual in Tokyo dialect. Choudai itashimasu means the same as itadakimasu.
  • Kudasai means "please," "please do X for me," or "please give me X"
Please = kudasai Please do it = (word goes here) +kudasaimasu Please don't do it = (word goes here) +kudasaimasen example Please eat the meal = gohan o tabete kudasaimasu
お願い (onegai) means "favor" and 下さい (kudasai) is a way of saying "please". Their pronunciations are syllabic, onegai = "oh-nay-guy" and kudasai = "koo-duh-sai" (were ai has i as in "ire" sound).
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How do say can you help me please in Japanese?

"私を手伝ってくれますか" /wa ta shi o tet su dat te ku re ma su ka/ read consecutively: 'watashi o tetsdatte kuremaska' is a way of saying 'Will/Can you help me ple