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How do you say pretty in french?

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'hello pretty lady' in french?

  Bonjour, jolie femme - hello, pretty woman Bonjour, jolie dame - hello, pretty lady Bonjour, belle femme - hello, beautiful woman Bonjour, belle dame - hello, be

How do you say you look pretty in spanish?

eres bonita. That is pronounced air ez bo ni ta. By the way, I know this and I am 10. Plus I am not spanish, I just study a lot. eres bonita is you are pretty no one listen

How do I say You're very pretty in french?

you're very pretty -- tu es très jolie -- "tew ay treh zhoh-lee" If speaking to a male, drop the e from jolie (but pronounce it the same).

How do you say you are very pretty in french?

Assuming you are speaking to a girl... Familiar: Tu es tres jolie... Formal: Vous etes tres jolie... Also, Jolie can be replaced by "belle" (beautiful)

How do you say you are pretty in spanish?

  The words for "You are pretty" in Spanish are "Eres bonita." They are pronounced, "AIR-ace bow-NEE-tah." Sites such as learn-spanish.co.il provide audio pronunciations o

How do you say you look pretty in German?

You look pretty translates as Du siehst hübsch aus