How do you say stay high in french?

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Je veux etre stupifie'pendant toute la journee
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Why staying in high school good?

Answer . Get your Graduation Diploma ... or a G.E.D. Without some form of graduation decree, your job market gets really narrow - like the local burger places ... all minimum wage positions. In order to improve your stature in life, get all the education you can now ... it will pay for itself lat (MORE)

How long do you stay high from marijuana?

Many people think, "Depends on how much you smoke!!!!!" This is not true. You can only get so high, this differs with different types of weed. Usually a 'high' will last around 2-3 hours. If you smoke too much, you will have a stronger burnout then if you smoke less. thats a lie because when i s (MORE)

How long do you stay high?

Clearly the individual who left the comment below is either thinking impaired, has never used natural herb, or both. I wonder if he ever partakes of alchahol.....if so you also a hiporcrit. Now, if you are getting high to help with stress / depression, a chronic condition, insomnia, etc you have lik (MORE)

How can you stay in high school after eighteen?

How? Well, if you really want to I think it would be a good idea to first talk to a guidance counsellor (if you have one). Or you could pick up the forms and/or applications needed at the office ( ask a staff member if you are still unsure ).

How do you say 'what' in French?

You say "quoi?" which is pronounced "kwa".. If you mean - What? (because you didn't hear) then it is Comment? . If you mean What as in What book? then Quel eg Quel livre?. If what as in What are you doing? then Que eg Que faites-vous?. If what as in What's new? then Quoi eg Quoi de (MORE)

How do you say 'my' in French?

It depends on if the noun is masculine, feminine or plural. Masculine : Mon - eg. Mon lit Feminine : Ma - eg. Ma chaise Plural : Mes - eg. Mes vêtements

How do you say and you in French?

et toi, probably For example: --Salut Marion, ça VA ? (--> "Hey Marion, how's it going?") --Oui, ça VA, et toi ? (--> "Not bad, and you?") hi

How do you say with you in French?

To one person you're friendly with: avec toi.. To one person you're polite to: avec vous. To more than one person: avec vous. To one person you're friendly with: avec toi.. To one person you're polite to: avec vous. To more than one person: avec vous

How do you say My in French?

my mon (moh[n]) - masc. sing. ma (mah) - fem. sing. mes (may) - pl. Note: "ma" cannot be followed by a vowel sound. To avoid this, use"mon" instead. For example, you do NOT say "ma oreille" (my ear)but "mon oreille", and the liaison formed with the letter Nseparates the vowel sounds.

How do you say for in French?

for -> pour (sounds somewhat similar to the English word "poor") Be careful, because the usage of prepositions tends to be very specific to each language. English might use "for" where French would use a word other than "pour", and French might use "pour" where English uses something other than " (MORE)

Say what in French?

what (pardon) = quoi. In all other cases 'what' is not used with a certain word. Instead, other question words replace it.. 'Which' ('quel' in French) is probably the most common convertion.. For example:. what colour is this shirt = quelle couleur est cette chemise . what time is it = que (MORE)

How do you say she has in French?

\nShe has : Elle a\n. \nShe has a fever : Elle a une fièvre\nShe has a book : Elle a un livre\nShe has a crush on you : Elle a un faible pour toi.

How do you say stay still in french?

up to now = encore, toujours nonetheless = quand me^me not moving = immobile calm = calme of water or beverage = plat be still! = paix! . hold still! = ne bouge pas!. silence = silence, calme. to still, silence = calmer, apaiser. still (for distilling liquor) = distillerie, alamb (MORE)

How do you say stay the same in French?

In French, stay the same = reste le/la même (it depends on whom you talk to : "le" refers to a man and "la" refers to a woman). "Reste" comes from the verb "rester".

Do you have to stay in the house if you are in high school?

In general, children under 18 or who are still in highschool are not quite "people", legally speaking. They are under thecare of their parents or legal guardians, who are required toprovide for them and in return get to "be the boss of" them. So, ifyou're still in high school and your parents say (MORE)

How do you spell stayed in french?

In French est resté(e) if you use the Passé composé tense (prefect perfect) resta if you use Passé simple tense (preterit) Note that, to express a past event, the Passé simple is often used in narrative contexts (in litterature) and passé composé is very often used in sp (MORE)

How long do you stay high on suboxone?

Well, Suboxone does not get you "high." The effects of Suboxone last up to about 36 hours. If you just take it out of the blue you won't get high but you will be in a little bit better of a mood and will notice you have a lot more energy. You should never take any drugs for recreational purposes. Su (MORE)

How long do you stay high on Dilaudid?

I am sure it varies in every person, but I snorted an 8mg 1030 yesterday evening. It's almost 5 am and I'm still high. It's not a really heavy high though, kind of similar to taking four or five vicodins orally. I am not a regular opiate user. I guess it depends on a lot of things. hope this helps.

How long do you stay high on marijuana?

It depends on a lot of factors; quality of the marijuana, number of times you have used marijuana (a veteran smoker doesn't stay as high as long). My first time smoking marijuana I smoke some high grade stuff and was high for over 3 hours.

How do i say you in French?

you can be spelled 'tu' or 'vous' in French. Tu is used between peers, or in familiar settings, AND with a single person. You is used in more formal relationships OR when addressing several persons at once.

How do you say had a in French?

There are many ways but the most common is " a une" Note: The "une" depends on the gender of the sentence. Thus the other option... It could also be un (masculine form).

Why did the US stay out of the French Revolution?

The United States was very weak at this point in history andadditionally there were internal disagreements between theFederalists who opposed intervention and the Democratic-Republicanswho endorsed it.