How do you say yes lord in Gaelic?

In Irish (Gaelic) there are no single words for 'yes' or 'no'. Instead the verb is repeated in the affirmative or negative. Will you do it? (An ndéanfaidh tú é?) I w (MORE)

How do you say Lord Jesus in hebrew?

Translation: Yeshu Hanotsri (ישו הנוצרי) It is important to note that this is "Jesus the Nazirite" as most Jews (the people speaking Hebrew) woul (MORE)

Did jesus ever say he is lord?

This is a question that I have struggles with myself, but Jesus does indeed say that He is Lord on multiple occasions in Scripture. In John 10 Jesus is directly confronted wit (MORE)

How do you say Where are you going Lord in latin?

Ubi is, Domine? ====== The correct translation is quo vadis domine? Ubi means where, but only in the sense of "in what place?" (e.g. where are my keys?). Quo mea (MORE)

How do you say the Lords prayer in Tongan?

Ko 'emau Tamai 'oku 'i Hevani, Ke tapuha Ho huafa, Ke a'u mai Ho'o pule, Ke fai Ho finangalo; Hange ko ia 'i he langi ke pehe foki 'i mamani. Ke foaki mai he 'aho ni ha'amau (MORE)