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How do you seal a french door?

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To seal a French door, a person can purchase a weather stripping product that has a part in the middle that sticks up. One side is glued to the door and the other side is left free. The part that sticks up goes between the doors when they are shut to prevent drafts. The only draw back to this is that the person using the door has to remember which side opens first. Open the side that the weather stripping is glued to first.
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How do I install a outer door seal or weather strip for a Jeep wrangler half door that has more clips than the corresponding holes than they are suppose to push into?

If the new door seal has more clips than is necessary to install it  on a Jeep Wrangler, the seal can be trimmed with a scissors to fit  the door. Another way to remedy this

Where can upper run door seals for 1986 ford thunderbird turbo coupe be purchased?

Any Ford dealer. Obsolete & unavailable at all Ford dealerships. Thanks anyways. Ok, if that is the case then try the link I am posting. I HAVE PREVIOUSLY CHECKED OUT J.C.
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What kind of door is a French door?

A french door is the term used to describe a set of doors that that open out from the middle. The doors themselves are usually filled with glass, and can be opened individuall