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How do you seal a french door?

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To seal a French door, a person can purchase a weather stripping product that has a part in the middle that sticks up. One side is glued to the door and the other side is left free. The part that sticks up goes between the doors when they are shut to prevent drafts. The only draw back to this is that the person using the door has to remember which side opens first. Open the side that the weather stripping is glued to first.
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a seal in French is un phoque. yes this word in French sounds like the f word in English. by the way, it is not funny when people say this, it is just what it sounds like in F

When was the French door invented?

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How do you clean the rubber seal of a fridge door?

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How wide are french doors?

Most common is double 32 or 36 inch wide so 64 or 72 for the doors and add at least 2 inches for the frame.

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Is a garage door seal repairable?

"If the seal at the bottom of your garage door is brittle and  weathered, than it will not be repairable, but it is replaceable.  You can buy them at your nearest home garag

How do you secure a French door?

If you mean to secure the door shut I would advise using either flush bolts or some other form of sliding bolt with a keep let into the frame. If you mean hold the door back
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What kind of door is a French door?

A french door is the term used to describe a set of doors that that open out from the middle. The doors themselves are usually filled with glass, and can be opened individuall