How do you seal new vinyl flooring?

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vinyl is impervious to liquid and does not need any sealing.
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How do you strip and seal vinyl floors?

waxing kentile . I have old (20 plus probably) Kentile flooring in my home that I would like to wax. They are very dull and only stay shiny for a short period of time when

How do you lay vinyl flooring on old vinyl flooring?

Industry standards allow for vinyl to be laid directly over existing vinyl as long as the existing is the only layer.. To do so the existing vinyl needs to be free of crackin

How do you prepare a new vinyl floor for waxing?

Almost all vinyl today is "no wax" vinyl. You never want to apply wax to this type of floor. Check with the manufacture or retailer you purchased it from.. In the rare and st

What is the most important thing when laying new vinyl floor sheet goods?

You are installing it onto the correct subfloor. 1/4" BC pine plywood is the best if you are not on concrete. . The subfloor is clean and dry. . Any imperfections on the flo

Could you put polyurethane on vinyl tile floor to seal it and make more waterproof?

Yes you can, however, ensure that this is the best option beforeexecuting. I do this to reinforce the self-stick vinyl tile andlaminate flooring in my basement and it works gr

How do you fix vinyl flooring?

Obtain a tube of seam sealer from a flooring supply company. Thereafter, whenever you slice the floor, gently clean and dry the area. Use a small amount of the seam sealer to

How do I know if you have a linolium or vinyl floor?

Is it Vinyl or Linoleum? Go to an edge or a closet, cut a small sample out of the corner, look at the cross section. IF the pattern/color is printed only on the top, it's v

What to seal a vinyl floor with for a high gloss look?

Most vinyl flooring comes with finishes from matte to high gloss and do not need any additional treatment. There are products like "no wax waxes" that can add luster to a viny
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Are cheap vinyl floors going to look bad in a new home?

Cheap vinyl floors will not give a new home the classy look like some other options for kitchens and baths. Cheap vinyl flooring also will not wear as well as other options, s
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How should one prepare a floor before putting down new vinyl flooring?

It depends on the type of floor that you are putting down the vinyl flooring on top of. If it is concrete, then make sure it is clean, dry and repair any cracks or holes. If t