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On a conventional fax machine, you load the document into the fax machine, dial the fax number (dialed exactly the same way you would dial the same telephone number from a landline telephone at the same location), and press Send. Some newer fax machines may allow you to scan the document into memory before dialing the number. You may also be able to send a fax directly from your computer without printing it on paper, using the same process as printing, but selecting the fax machine instead of a printer. You will be prompted to enter the fax number. Lastly, some Internet fax services allow you to scan a document or otherwise create a digital image of a document and send it through the Internet.
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How do you send a fax from Australia to Malaysia?

To fax from Australia to Malaysia, dial: 0011-60-xx-yyyyyy    0011 is to dial internationally   60 is the country code for Malaysia   xx is the Malaysian city c

How do you send a fax from Mexico to usa?

To fax from Mexico to the United States you need to dial: 00 + 1 + fax number (including area code)

How do you send a fax from Europe to the US?

Fax to the USA from Europe:   dial 001-(area code) (number)   No fax machine? Many hotels will send your fax for a small fee. Many of the major post office locations hav

How do you send a fax from Australia to Canada?

nothing Answer If you use a fax machine, dial 0011 + 1 + fax number. Internet fax service is another way for you to send fax documents. This is the best option you can use i

How do you send a fax to US from Singapore?

from any kind of transport If you are sending from Singapore, connect the fax machine to any home telephone line. Dial 012 (for the fax access code) followed by 1 (for the U

How do you send a fax to Philippines from Canada?

To send a fax to the Philippines from Canada you will need to dial: 011 + 63 + fax number

How do you send a fax to an international number?

Fax to international numberFirst you need to get on to the international network by dialling 00 (in Europe) or 011 (in North America). Then you dial the country code (for exam

How do you send a fax from UK to France?

Type in 33 before the number you have been given.    Answer You can use the cost effective and convenient way of the internet fax service or use the traditional faxing te

How do you send a fax from a fax machine?

To send a fax using a traditional fax machine: 1. Insert the paper to be faxed. Checked the fax sheet feeder for proper orientation on how to insert the paper. 2. Dial the fax

How do you send a fax to Thailand?

Prefix the fax number with Thailand country code (which is 66) and the area code. Sending fax over the web is one of the most effective way to send fax documents abroad. In

How do you send a fax from Japan to US?

The correct and current dialing code if your landline is connected through softbank is the ridiculously long 0041010 then country code then area code then phone number, often

How do you send a fax to Jamaica?

To send a fax to Jamaica from the United States, you just dial the  number directly with no extra country code. There will be  international charges, but you can just dial d

How do you send a fax from Australia to Belgium?

To send a fax from Australi to Belgium, you would need to dial:    0011-32-fax number    0011 is to dial internationally from Australia.    32 is the coun