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How do you separate sulfur from mixture of carbon particles and powdered roll sulfur?

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By the process of diffusion.....
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Can sulfur powder be ingested?

Sulfur and most soluble sulfur salts are non toxic and can be ingested. Sulfur is found in many enzymes and proteins and is an essential element for life. Sulfur is often use (MORE)
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How do you separate common salt and sulfur powder?

1. pour the solution in a bowl and add sum water to it. 2. mix the water and let the salt dissolve. 3.then decant the water using a beaker and filter paper,u get the sulfur a (MORE)

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Why is it easier to separate a mixture of iron and sulfur than to separate a compound of iron and sulfur?

because a mixture is physically combine while a compound is chemically combine thus make is eaiser for the mixture to separate using the technique magnetic separation.
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How do you separate a mixture of sulfur sodium chloride and sand?

Well, first you place the mixture in water and then the sodium chloride will start to dissolve, but the sand and sulfur will not. Next, you drain the water and place the sand/ (MORE)