How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 98 grand Cherokee an d where is located?

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To fix this problem you must change your differentials recommend going to JIFFY LUBE. It takes only 15-20 minutes and about $180 but its its worth it. Believe me i have had my jeep for about 10 years all ready ,and i got annoyed with the "Beep Beep Beep" sound .I Took it to many mechanics and they end up "fixing" the wrong thing. Until i took my car to Jiffy Lube and they explained to me what was the problem ..... I WAS SATISFIED =)
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How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee and where is it located?

Finally! Other Jeeps with the same problem. I have identical year/make and constantly have the message display telling me to 'service 4 wheel drive switch' beep beep. The warning message varies with frequency, displays once or twice a month, sometimes all day for a week. The only place I found the w (MORE)

How do you replace the radiator fan relay switch on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 wheel drive 6 cylinder?

First, isn't that covered in your warranty? Check with the dealer. I bought my '02 Certified Preowned and it was not covered. They wanted $185 to replace the relay. As for fixing it yourself here is the closest thing I have found... It show (MORE)

What does 'Service Four Wheel Drive Switch' mean on a 1994 Grand Cherokee dash screen and how do you fix it?

Answer . I also have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee that displays "Service 4-Wheel Drive Switch". The switch is on top of the transfer case on the driver's side. My mechanic had never heard of this before so I decided to do some research about it. In my findings, I have noticed that several peopl (MORE)

How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 94 Jeep?

The switch is on top of the transfer case on the drivers side. When you replace it make sure you put the rubber o ring off the original on the new one.To clear the codes disconnect both negitibe and positive battery cables for a couple of minutes. FYI I put one on mine but the display still says "se (MORE)

How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 1993 grand wagoneer?

correction of year . First off you can't service a 4wheel drive switch on a 93 Grand Wagoneer. The reason being, they didn't make Grand Wagoneers past 91. You probly have a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This may be why your not getting any responces.. Actually your wrong I own a 1993 Jeep Grand wagone (MORE)

What damage can happen to a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo if you switch from 4 hi to 4 lo wheel drive while the engine is in drive?

Answer . \nI bet it made a nice grinding sound didnt it? Yes, it can if you are going too fast. If it actually goes into low gear it will seriously spike the rpms and potential valve and lifter damage. This is what a rev limiter helps avoid though. If the engine sounded like it started sputterin (MORE)

Is the 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with quadratic a full time 4 wheel drive vehicle?

Full Time 4X4 ? Yes. The owners manual should tell you this. There is no way to place the Jeep in two wheel drive. Quadratrac is not regarded as the 4X4 system of choice for a true offroader but my 95 GC Limited has it as well and does fine in most circumstances...and has been trouble free for me f (MORE)

Fuel switch location on 1993 4 wheel drive ford f-150?

Maybe one of the kick panels if you are talking about the safety switch it is on passenger side kick panel just feel around for the switch or remove kick panel. if you mean switch to switch tanks it is on your dash it changes the fuel pumps in tanks if you have duel tanks if you have a single tank t (MORE)

4 wheel drive stuck in 4 wheel lo on a 98 Chevy blazer?

Behind the kick panel on the passenger side is an electronic box, unplug the connectors and inspect for corrosion. They can be cleaned and reconnected in most cases. The box should be removed (3 10mm nuts) and cleaned also.

How do you shift 2000 Jeep Cherokee into 4 wheel drive?

Just shift your Jeep into "Neutral" and then move the 4WD lever into place; you should hear it drop into 4WD... Then just put your Jeep into gear.. As a heads up, when in "LOW", taking corners too sharp, you may hear a knocking sound......don't worry, that's normal from what I've been told by sever (MORE)

Details on towing a 2003 on all 4 wheels 4 wheel drive grand Cherokee?

if memory serves me correctly, JeeP pulled the manual transmission on the Grand Cherokee in 1999. so this means you are dealing with an automatic. Now whether or not your JeeP is equipped with "shift on the fly" four-wheel-drive, or a Quadra-Drive II system, i would not know. and seeing as how i do (MORE)

How do you switch into 4 wheel drive on a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

That depends on exactly what Jeep you have. Most 96's were the Quadra-trac system, in which case you are in 4 wheel drive all the time! To put it in low range (For only the nastiest conditions- dont use this for normal driving on the street) you need to stop the vehicle, put it in nuetral, and pull (MORE)

How do you turn on the 4 wheel drive on your Jeep its a Grand Cherokee Limited 2007 you pull the switch and then it says to check the shift procedure but dont have an owners manuel?

The 4 wheel drive is automatic. The little lever is to engauge low range. The low range shift procedure is to :. 4 HI to 4 LOW . With the vehicle at speeds of 0 to 3 mph (0 to 5 km/h),. key ON or engine running, shift the transmission into N. (Neutral), and raise the transfer case T-handle. "The (MORE)

Where is the 4 wheel drive switch located on a 1996 Chevy truck?

The four wheel drive buttons are located between the steering column, and the a/c controls. If you do not have 4wd, then they appear as two small rectangular blank spots (if you get a small flathead screwdriver you can pry it off- if you do it gently it will not break)

What are the steps to put a 01 grand Cherokee into 4 wheel drive?

SelecTrac Step one: move the selector into desired 4WD mode, either Part Time or Full Time at any vehicle speed Step two: keep driving for 4Lo: Step one: slow the truck down to about 2-3mph Step two: move the tranmission (P, R, N, 2, 1) into neutral Step three: move the transfer case (2 (MORE)

How do you get your 4 wheel drive to engage on a 98 jimmy?

I have had a problem with that as well on my 89 S15. I kept working at it because it had not been used for a very long time. "In neutral" is very important. Gently moving the shifter back and forth until it finely went into four wheel. I do it more regular now just to keep on top of it.