How do you set timing on Yamaha 350 bruin?

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How do you set the timing on a 1995 Chevy 350?

Good question, I too have this same issue with a 1999 crew cab (5.7L vortec) I need to set the timing and everytime I do it manually the computer over rides my settings. I have heard about this mysterious timing wire that needs to be disconnected to set the timing and then reconnected once the timing is set and the computer can record the new setting. The Brown/black wire has been scene under the passenger side carpet, behind the glove box and next to the relay center. Unfortunately, This 1999 doesn't seem to be the norm. Good Luck

How do you set the timing on your Chevy 350?

IN order to answer this question, the year of the motor is anecessity because the type of ignition differs. Yet, since you aretalking about setting timing it is probably a motor with adistribuitor, as opposed to coil packs. To set timing, you musthave a timing light; a light with an advance is optimal and what Iuse. Start off by connecting the power leads of the light to yourvehicle's motor and the other lead wire to the number one cylinderplug wire on your motor (the cylinder on the right bank in the veryfront when facing the front end of the vehicle). Then, start thevehicle and point the timing light towards the left side of theharmonic balancer, there should be a small plate with an "A , 0 ,and R". On the harmonic balancer, there should be a small tick markthat keeps moving, that will point out the timing. In order toadjust timing, you must move the distributor back and forth afterloosing the retaining nut for it. Set the desired advance on yourtiming light and then move the distributor until you see the tickmark hitting "0". Optimal timing for a stock 350 is about 12 to 13.after the timing is set, tighten up the retaining nut, shut downthe motor, and clean up. don't for get to unplug the vacume hose befor you set the timing set timing at 4 degrees above top degrees center For a 350 Full size Chevy.... 1988-1990 TBI 20 degrees BTDC 1988-1990 MPFI 6 degrees BTDC Source: Haynes Automotive Manual

How to set the timing on a 350 engine?

Remove the number one spark plug, last cylinder on the right rear bank (passenger side) bring the cylinder to top dead center on compression stroke, check the rotor on the distrubitor making sure it is pointed to number one cylinder. Now you can set the timing with a vacum gauge for the best vacum, or using a timing light you can set the timing (?) degrees, depending on which year you have, firing order 18436572 NEW ANSWER : SORRY, but the answer above is all wrong. You cannot use a timing light on that year engine. The timing is computer controlled and you MUST use an OBDII engine scanner to set the timing.

How to set the timing on a 1997 350 Chevy?

you don't the ECM will do it for you.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You need to set the base timing on any car/truck that has a distributor. There is a tan/black wire that is usually under the dash down low on the passenger's side. This is the Electronic spark timing and the connector has to be apart to set the timing. That will put the computer offline while you set the timing to the specifications. There is usually a decal under the hood. Once the timing is set then reconnect the connector The base timing is set NOW the computer will take over from there.

How do you set the timing on a 1969 Buick 350?

Disconnect and plug the distributor advance vacuum hose. Loosen bolt, but leave it snug on clamp that holds down the distributor. Clean the timing marks on the damper and the degree scale so they are visible. Run engine until warm and idling at 650 rpm in park or neutral. Using a timing light connected to number one spark plug wire, rotate the distributor back and forth so the 0 on the scale lines up with the mark on the damper. All 1969 Buicks with the 350 engine, the timing calls for TDC (0) accept the Lesbre which is set at 5 BTDC. Shut engine off and reconnect distributor vacuum advance hose and tighten distributor clamp bolt.

How do you set the timing on a 1970 Chevy 350?

Answer . Use a timing light and turning the distributor. Timing marks (numbers) are in the crankshaft pulley area and the line is on the balancer (next to pulley). Make sure you disconnect the vacumm line to the advance on the distributor while timing and plug the hose while timing. 4BTDC auto trany, TDC standard trany. If the motor is old & worn you can leave the distributor slightly loose & go for a drive and time it manually (with advance hooked up & up to operation temp) to where it won't ping on acceleration and has decent performance.

How do you set the timing on a 1996 350?

i recently rebuilt the engine in my 96 gmc and removed the distributor with out marking it. i tried to drop it it one # 1 top dead center like and old 350 but it did not work. you will have to take it to a gmc dealer the timing has to be set with a computer that it is hooked up to it cost me 300 dollars to fix it after messing with it for awhile i gave up and took it to them. On the 96's everything you did was correct. Double check the #1 is at top position and cresting to drop. 2) make sure the ECM is disconnected this should fire if all plugs and wires are correct. The dealer is to expensive and I can walk you threw it. The manufacturer will preset at 0 TDC then they will adjust per computer as the asthmatic pressure is at its peak. If you can rebuild the engine you can solve this issue with out a dealer. A timing light. Check all the basics on this to verify fuel, air is working.

350 chevy engine set timeing?

Find Top dead center of piston #1. Set timing from there. For more info, post question at All your answers are there. I go there for my chey questions all the time.

What is the valve settings on a Yamaha raptor 350?

The Yamaha 350 raptor is the same thing as a Yamaha warrior just with liquid cooling the motors still basically all the same the valve setting on my 2000 warrior are .004 on intake and .006 on exhaust

How to set the timing on a Yamaha banshee?

On a stock Yamaha banshee the timing is fixed from the factory by using a key on the crankshaft that sets the flywheel in a specific location, the pickup coil location in relationship to the flywheel trigger plates, and three fixed mounting holes in the timing plate. There are a couple ways to modify the stock timing such as offset flywheel keys and adjustable backing plates that allow you to adjust where the pickup sets in relation to the trigger plates on the flywheel and the stator coil positions. Most people choose to buy an adjustable timing plate. You will absolutely require a flywheel puller SPECIFICALLY made for this application to avoid costly damage- do not ignor this warning. The new plate will have timing marks to set your timing in relation to the stock timing I.E. +4 degrees. You should not exceed +4 degrees unless you know what you are doing. For the mechanically inclined or machinists, the stock timing plate can be modified for an additional +4 degrees by milling the mounting holes 0.157" so as to allow the stator to rotate CW when facing it in the mounted position. An offset key is not a reliable solution.

How advanced can you set the timing on a 1979 350?

I wouldn't advance it too much if not at all if you haven't replaced the cam with a performance one, and even then, not much at all. If you advance it too much, you will have problems starting it and it will flutter at high rpm With the car running at idle, advance your distributor. Adjust the idle screw down take the car for a ride. If everything functions like you want and the motor runs good your good. If you advanced too far you will get a spark knock. This can cause serious damage if driven long this way. Go back home retard the timing and take for another ride. Keep repeating until you get the response you want and spark knock goes away

How do you set cam timing on a 95 Yamaha xj600?

You can set the cam timing, on your 1995 Yamaha motorcycle, bysynchronizing the fuel and exhaust valves to the camshaft position.This can be accomplished by adjusting the valve of adjustmentscrews.

How do I set ignition timing on 350 Chevy?

if you know the proper timing for the engine, and it depends on the makeup of the eng. all 350's are not the same. you need a timing light. loosen the dist. hold down clamp,and with the eng. at an idle , shine the light at the timing mark over the harmonic balancer.if you have to change the timing, rotate the dist. very slowly ,and watch the timing marks with the timing light. when the right mark lines up with the timing pointer, lock the dist. hold down clamp, with the bolt. if the eng. starts running real rough, turn the dist. in the opposite direction.

How do i set the timing on a 64 Yamaha YDS3?

Remove the right side cover. Use a dial indicator to find top dead center on #1 cylinder. Back off to recommended advance. Adjust point gap to just opening. Repeat with #2. Recheck #1. If you are lucky the timing tab will be intact and you should line up the mark on the tab with the mark on the cam at the end of the shaft.

How do you set the timing for Yamaha Warrior 350?

To set the time simply remove the black plug with a streightscrewdriver located on top of the left side case then remove thecam cover located on the left side of the jug the cam gear has aline and the case has an upside down triangle line them up take aflashlight to look into the hole where the black plug was there isthe markings f and t the t is time line that up with the notch inthe threads of the hole u will need to loosen the chain tensionerto rotate the gears that is located in the back of the left sidecase 12mm &2 8mmbolts the 12 is spring loaded carefull not toloosen it u may have to take the cam gear off to work the chainover the gear to reach desired position.u can also romove thebottom cover to adjust the bottom time with a 17mm wrench.

Make my Yamaha bruin 350 faster?

there should be a plug/baffle in the back of the exaust take it out you will gain somw horse power. then take the air box lid off. the next step would be to get a k and n air cleaner and jet kit. after that you will have to get into internal mods.

How do you set the timing on a 76 Chevy 350?

Disconnect and plug the vacuum line that connects to the vacuum advance diaphragm on the distributor. . Loosen the locking bolt at the base of the distributor that allows it to turn freely, but don't turn it yet. . Connect a good quality timing light, the kind with an EXTERNAL power source, either plugs into the wall outlet or connects to the vehicle battery. . The engine has to be timed close enough to start which requires a little knowledge and experience. . Start the engine and point the timing light at the timing mark on the dampener pulley. . Turn the distributor (where you loosened it) until the timing mark aligns with the appropriate advance mark as specified in the manual. The advance may be slightly different for YOUR altitude. . Once the timing is where you want it, turn off the engine and tighten the distributor lock bolt, then restart the engine to make certain the timing is still right. . Disconnect the timing light and reconnect the vacuum advance line.

How to stop a Yamaha bruin 350 gas leak?

if gas in leaking out of the over flow tube connected to bottom of carb, the needle and seat needs to be replaced. unless the float has been messed with and is bent.

Where is the timing mark located for a 2005 Yamaha bruin 350?

To find the crank timing mark, you must remove the pull rope housing. It is held by 4 bolts. Once it is removed you will see a plastic plug that can be removed with a flat head screwdriver. As for the camshaft mark. it can be found after removing the cam sproket cover. You will see the mark at the top center of the hole. The cam sproket has a line on it that must be aligned with mark at top of cam sproket hole. The line can be difficult to see until you remove cam sproket bolt.

Time belt setting for 350 motor?

The Chevy 350 does not have a timing belt, It has a timing chain. If you are wanting to know where to set the timing, then I need to know the year of the engine. Thay are all different.

How do you set the time on a Yamaha fz6?

1) Turn the key to "ON." 2) Pust the "SELECT" button and "RESET" button together at leasttwo seconds. 3) When the hour digits start flashing, push the "RESET" button toset the hours 4) Push the "SELECT" button, and the minute digits start flashing 5) Push the "RESET" button to set the minutes 6) Push the "SELECT" button and then release it to start the clock.

How do you set timing on a goodwrench 350?

The ignition timing is set on a GM Goodwrench 350 engine bybringing the number one piston to top dead center. The distributorrotor is then pointed to the number one piston, a timing lightconnected, and the rotor turned until the correct timing isreached.

How do set the timing on a 1998 Chevy 350?

You will have to have an oBDII engine scanner and then go into the timing mode with scanner. You will then move the distributor by hand while watching scanner until it is in the specs. You can not use a timing light. The timing is controlled by the computer. If you did not have the distributor out of the engine are move it, Then there is no reason to set the timing. The computer will do it for you.

How do you set the idle on a Yamaha 350 raptor?

you need to adjust thecarburetor it will tell how in the owners manual.Also the adjustment for the idle is a gold colored knob that sticks out on the left side of the atv(clutch side),Idle mixture screw is in the middle of the carb under the intake side of the carb(hard to get to)(venturi)side

How do you set timing on Yamaha badger 80?

To set the time simply remove the black plug with a straightscrewdriver located on top of the left side case, then remove thecam cover located on the left side of the jug. The cam gear has aline and the case has an upside down triangle. Line them up andtake a flashlight to look into the hole where the black plug was.There is the markings f and t the t is time. Line that up with thenotch in the threads of the hole. You will need to loosen the chaintensioner to rotate the gears, and that is located in the back ofthe left side case.

What is the air screw setting on a Yamaha yfm350bat bruin?

30 years of working on motorcycles, there is no exact setting what you do is turn the mix in until you hear the motor change, if it picks up rpm this is fine just keep turn until the rpms reaches its top then turn the idle screw down,

How do set the timing on a 1989 Chevy 350?

Well seems as if people not wanna say but probably has 2 timing marks one on the crankshaft and 1 on the camshaft they are usually in 1 of 2 locations either both facing North in others words at the top or the crank is at top and the cam is at bottom this is usually the case. and fine TDC top dead center of number 1 piston by feeling it with like a screwdriver and make sure it is on a compression stroke do that by using your finger over the spark plug hole and seeing if pressure builds as you turn the engine slowly over if it does that is compression stroke bring the piston to TDC then your timing marks are either 1 of the 2 spots but the crank should be top there cam too a the top probably

You are not a mechanic can you set the timing on your 350 motor?

It's easy. All you need is a timing light. Attach inductive clip to no 1 plug wire, attach batt leads to battery, aim at balancer & pull the trigger. It will flash & Line on balancer in relation to pointer on timing cover will tell you where timing is. To change, just turn distributor & retighten the 1 bolt on manifold. You will probably have between 8-12 degrees initial. Some advance is normal. Do at idle speed so vac/mechanical does not kick in.

How do you set the timing on your 86 yfm200 Yamaha?

There is a hole in the top of the case on the left side of the engine that is used to view the timing mark on the flywheel. With no reverse it will be a slotted plug, you simply remove with a screwdriver. If is has reverse there are 3 bolts that hold the reverse handle bracket on. The big allen head that is the rear most bolt is threaded into the hole. remove that bolt and use a flashlight to look in the hole. While turning the engine over you will see 2 marks on the flywheel, one that says T, and one that says F. There is also a line on the cam gear and a small bump at the top of the head. Line up the T on the flywheel with the slot in the hole, then line up the cam gear with the bump on the top of the head. You will have to remove the timing chain tensioner to do this so remember to put the tensioner back in after you line up the marks because it will most likely be a tooth off after putting the tensioner back in. Take your time and get it right the first time. Also make sure the chain is on the crank sprocket and didn't slip off, if it doesn't turn the chain when you turn the crank it's not on. If you're interested, the valve lash is 4 thou for the intake and 6 thou for the exhaust.

How do you set timing on a 1987 Yamaha xlv 540 snowmobile?

take off the rewind, under that, there should be a round piece bolted on the end of the flywheel with three bolts, take thos off, under that is the magneto, you'll need a puller to get that off, onvce you do, the stater is right there (it is round and should have copper wound coils on it), there should be a couple bolts holding it on with slots that the whole thing could turn on if the bolts were loose. loosen those bolts, and your timing is the positioning of how much u turn the stator.

How do you set the timing on a 1999 350 engine?

The timing on that year engine is computer controlled and you must have an engine scanner to set the timing. That engine has a cam and crank sensor and they must be in correlation / TIME with each other. Are you will have a check engine light on and poor performance.

How do you set the timing for 2002 Yamaha warrior?

A yamaha warrior does not have a timing. If it is backfiring like mine you have to get a diagnostics and something in the electrical system their is a switch that is turned off. IF you take it to a shop it will run you about 80-200 $$. I learned all this yesterday. Hope this helps. Antonio H

How do you set timing by ear on Chevy 350?

On an older 350 get the motor running and slowly turn distributor until the miss (slight sputter out of exaust) goes away. At idle the motor should run smoot and not "hop" inconsistantly. adjust carberator at this point. to further bring it in find a safe place where you wont run anything over. put car into gear and hold brake. throttle up slowly. if you hear "clattering" from motor retard timing slightly. repeat until clattering stops. if you throttle up and tire spinning occurs you are pretty close (and most likely giving it too much gas).