How do you share a dream with someone?

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If you are dreaming of someone are they dreaming about you?

No; it is not true that dreaming about someone means that person is also dreaming about you. Dreams originate within the mind of the dreamer, and, like private thoughts within one's own mind, no other person can magically hear, see, sense or influence one's dreams.. This is a very unlikely event to (MORE)

If you dream of someone do they dream of you?

I'm sorry to cast a shadow but No - they don't dream of you as well. Dreams are a projection of what lay deep within your own Mind. If you think about someone, even for a second, then their memory embeds within your mind and even when their seemingly out of mind, they are still there, in a subtle s (MORE)

What triggers someone dreaming about killing someone?

Dreams deal in symbols and metaphors, so "killing" in dreams might represent anger, rage or jealousy, OR it could merely reflect images from films, television and video games. Often dreams of violence reveal the dreamer's hidden feelings that are too uncomfortable to recognize with the conscious (wa (MORE)

Disadvantage of sharing a bed with someone?

If you have a boyfriend, and your in the same bed as him, chances are you might have a love connection( have big feelings for each other in 2 seconds) and have sexual intercourse(sex).

Dream interpretation of meet someone in the dream?

Really, the answers vary. Did you befriend that person in your dream? Was it a male or female? Where did you meet him/her? So many important details have been left out. If you want the best possible interpretation, you must mention the answers to these questions and any other details you can remembe (MORE)

What dreams does george and Lennie share?

"We could live offa the fatta the lan'." This was George and Lennie's dream and also the dream of thousands of people at that time. In life everybody has to have a dream whether they are rich or poor. In 'Of mice and men', Steinbeck shows that the dream of all the ranchmen amount to the same thing, (MORE)

Can someone share friend codes?

Yes, you can share friend codes. (If you have one) You go on your pal pad and then go under register friend code, and then you need their name and friend code. But they need to add you too.

When you dream about someone do they dream about you?

No. Dreams occur within the mind of each individual. Just as everyone's thoughts are private and cannot be "heard" by anyone else (in spite of claims of so-called mind-readers,) dreams cannot be heard, shared or transmitted magically from one person's head to another's. On the other hand, if you hav (MORE)

How do you dream about someone?

Go to sleep with a picture of that person's face in your mind, along with the emotions you feel towards him or her. It may take a couple of nights, but if you are familiar with this person, and spend enough time feeling these things about them, your mind will recognize the emotions that go along wit (MORE)

If you dream about someone does that mean they dream about you?

Most of the time, no. However, it is very possible that they havehad a dream about you, because the mind cannot create faces. Everyface you dream about you have seen. So, if you have seen them, theyhave probably seen you, and there is a possibility that have/willdream about you. It may not be in a s (MORE)

What if you dream about someone?

If you dream about someone, maybe it's because you had been thinking of him/her that day, that person is bothering you at the back of your mind, or maybe you're a secret admirer of that person.

Dream someone is out to get you?

The dream expresses your own feeling of being pursued and targetedby an enemy or enemies. The dream does NOT mean that anyoneactually intends you harm. It only expresses your FEELING as ifsomeone wants to hurt you. The feelings may or may not be based onreality.

Is it correct to share how you dream about someone?

Whether it is correct to share a dream depends entirely on the context , that is, the situation in which one shares the dream. It also depends on the content of the dream: intimate sexual dreams are NOT appropriate to share except with one's intimate sexual partner. It also depends on the "someon (MORE)

Can people share dreams?

Yes .... People can share dreams by telling each other about their dreams or by writing about their dreams. It is not possible to "share" dreams while sleeping, in the way dreams were "shared" in the movie Inception . Such ideas have no scientific basis; they are science fiction.

How do you make someone share feelings with you?

well, you cant really "make" someone share their feelings with you. they might be a private person and dont like to talk about it until they are ready. if you really want to try though, then you can try to earn as much of their trust as possible and try getting into a deep discussion with them and t (MORE)

How do you share a room with someone on habbo?

You can't 'share a room', you can only own rooms to yourself if you created them, although you can pretend you live with a family and all live in your house by pretend, but your still the owner. If you give rights to your room, other people (who you give them to) will be able to move and (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about someone and you are talking to them in your dream?

There is no special significance to such dreams. Dreaming of someone and talking to them in the dream does NOT mean that person is or was thinking of you, and it does not determine your own feelings about that person. People and objects in dreams are symbols, representing something other than what t (MORE)

How do you share your blog with someone?

There is an option in blogger account that you can invite author to your blog to share something with you. You can send and invitation to your friend and when he recieved your information, he will be able to share his files on your blogger blog.

What does it mean when you dream someone is chucking you in you dream?

It means you have repressed sexual urges towards whoever that person was. . The interpretation depends on whether the question involves an odd referral to sexual activity or whether it actually means "chucking" which is part of the process of chopping firewood. Since it is almost certainly the form (MORE)

What happened to the dream george and Lennie share?

It never happened as lennie killed curlys wife and a vigilante group was sent to kill him but george found lennie first and shot him in the back of the head while telling him about the dream and as lennie was not around anymore he couldnt do it without him

Why do you dream of sharing your wife with another man?

This is simply a variation of an ordinary sex dream. You are excited and aroused by the thought of sharing, and dreaming provides a safe outlet for behavior that would be inappropriate and harmful in real life. As long as you are not tempted to act out your dreams in real life, there is no problem. (MORE)

Why should not you share your towel with someone?

1). Get your own towel and you wont have to ask this 2). Because that person might be whipping some type of germs on there that another person might not want on them -.- Cause thats just nasty Your towel should not be shared with someone primarily for hygienic cause.

How does someone buy shares online?

To buy shares of stocks online you should do some research first and find a reputable company. The research should not all be online however. Ask around and find coworkers, family, friends etc who have used a particular site and request their feedback. After you have a few good recommendations c (MORE)

Where can someone purchase Google shares?

There are many places one might go to purchase Google shares. In addition to using a self-trader website, one might also purchase a share from a local financial advisor.

Where can someone go to buy shares?

Shares can be purchased through brokers and can be done both online or in person. Most major banks have a division that offer this type of service to their clients for a specified fee for each trade.