How do you share article from Wikipedia to Facebook?

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You can copy and paste.
You can put a link on your profile.
You can tell everyone about it and they can have a look.

Hope it helped :)

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How do you contribute articles to Wikipedia?

Creating Wikipedia Articles . \nAs Wikipedia grows and grows, it's becoming ever more difficult to find a new topic to create. Local areas of interest are one topic that's still growing. When you have decided on a topic to create, see the link to the right.

Is there a Wikipedia Article on water written in Korean Language?

Yes, there are some... There's some on Korean celebrities Answer There are sites that have explanations on water in Korean. Please go to: TYPE IN: Article on water in the Korean language. Usually there is a button you can push that will also say 'Translate' and you can use this la (MORE)

Why do articles removed from Wikipedia still appear on

Answer . doesn't have a live link with Wikipedia's content, yet. But, you can contact their Support team, via their Contact Us feedback form, and they'll remove the article from as well. They usually get this done within a day of when you send in the request. .

Why can't I see equations in the Wikipedia article on

Answer . If you're referring to the "Failed to parse" error, this is something the engineers are working on resolving. You can check out the equation from the original article by using the link to the original article in the copyrights box at the bottom of the page you' (MORE)

How many articles does Wikipedia have?

As of November 2014, Wikipedia had over 4,652,535 articles inEnglish, over 1,774,000 in German, over 1,560,000 in French, over1,155,000 in Italian, over 1,137,000 in Spanish, and a combinedtotal of over 34,290,907 articles. If you go to Wikipedia's home page you will see a list of differentlanguages (MORE)

What is ment by Range of Scibaby block on discussion in Wikipedia articles?

Basically some moron wiki administrator by the username of Raul654 has gone range block happy because a once user by the name of Scibaby has now apparently created "sockpuppets" that pop up as different users under different IP addresses therefore affecting many innocent wiki-ers, and in turn pissin (MORE)

Can you duplicate a Wikipedia article?

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How many articles are added to Wikipedia each day?

Over 800 new articles are created each day on Wikipedia on average. This number varies by day and some days have a lot more than 800 new articles created and sometimes there is less than 800 new articles written in a day.

Should WikiAnswers allow quality edits to their Wikipedia articles?

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia articles that are on (on the ReferenceAnswers side, not the WikiAnswers side) are exact copies of the Wikipedia articles, and they update almost as fast. It wouldn't do any good to edit it only on the ReferenceAnswers side, because any edit would only be copi (MORE)

Why are Wikipedia articles so biased?

In spite of Wikipedia's policy called "Neutral Point of View", most of the independent editors of Wikipedia articles prefer to concentrate only on the policy of "Verifiability", which states that the "...threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth -whether readers can check tha (MORE)

How do you make your own article on Wikipedia?

The best and most comprehensive source of information and guidance about writing your own article on Wikipedia is Wikipedia's own help page "Starting An Article". A link to that page is provided below, in Related links . . The main essentials are: . Good preliminary subject research so that (MORE)

Can your wife and you share a Facebook account?

, Well i guess you could if you just share your names exp: Tina & Mike Chang. You would have to each know the password but yes you can if you do it like that. Hope it helped. Please like my facebook pages its called Tagstar

How do you delete a shared photo on facebook?

In order to delete a shared photo on Facebook, you must press the "Report Post" button, then press the "Remove tag" button. The photo cannot be deleted unless you were the one to upload the photo.

Who wrote the Catapult article on Wikipedia?

As of 2012, Wikipedia's article about catapults has been written by over a thousand mostly-anonymous contributors over the course of eleven years. You can see their usernames by clicking "View history" at the top of the page.

Who is the author of the Wikipedia article Altruism?

In any article on Wikipedia, the history of the article is shown by clicking on the history tab at the top right of the page. As is the case with Answers. com, the article is subject to updates and revisions so an author name here would be inaccurate and inappropriate.

Where can you find a Wikipedia article on mike Morris?

Well depends which mike morris. There are articles on the following: Mike Morris-TV presenter Mike Morris-American Footballer Mike Morris-Ice Hockey Mike Morris-Physicist Mike Morris-Basketball coach at Samford University' Michael Morris-Lawyer and Politics Michael Morris-Former Head of Internati (MORE)

How do you find who wrote an article in wikipedia?

You can check who the last user was by clicking View history at the top of any article (next to the search bar). Note that the latest editor may be an IP address, that just means they didn't create an account.

Should you be allowed to share articles on Facebook involving your religion without Atheists imposing their beliefs on it?

Try think of the question this way: Would you want to deny equalrights to a certain sub-group of people just because you don'tagree? If you'd like to share your beliefs without Atheists beingable to share theirs, wouldn't that not only be wrong, but denyingyourself the possibility of an open dialog? (MORE)

How do you put this article on Facebook?

It is as simple as placing the link on your timeline. Just make sure you don't use 'url shortners'. They are viewed as spammed and could cause immediate problems with your account. I want to encourage you to always think in terms of benefits you can get from posting someone else's content. Promotio (MORE)

How many languages are the Wikipedia articles in?

There are a total of 285 languages that offer official Wikipedia articles that come under the auspices of the Wikimedia Foundation. The vast majority of these articles are in English however at over 4 million articles.

How does one share videos on Facebook?

There are many ways this could be done. One of the simplest is to get the website address linking to the video and paste the link on your Facebook wall feed. Facebook automatically loads the video and you can share the video with your friends. Secondly, there is an 'Upload Photos/Video' section just (MORE)

How do you report a bad article on Wikipedia?

This is a direct quote from WIKIPEDIA I want to report a problem with an article . If you have a problem or question with an article aboutyourself, a family member, friend or colleague, please add adiscussion to the Biographies of LivingPersons' Noticeboard . . If you spot a problem with an art (MORE)