How do you ship a car across the country?

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Moving Car Across Country Basically, there are several options to move your car across the country - one of them is to drive it yourself, but I assume that is not in the scope of this question.

Another is to have someone else to drive it for you and there are several companies that offer this service. This option is usually cheaper, but it means your car will accumulate all that mileage and will be driven by someone you might not want to drive it.

Finally, the third option is to hire an auto transport company, and have your car transported on a carrier (those trucks that you can often see on highways with lots of cars loaded on top of them). That option is probably the best if you want to preserve your car, especially if you spend some more money and have it transported inside a closed carrier (as opposed to regular, open carrier).

When looking for auto mover it is recommended that you ask around, maybe one of your friends, relatives or coworkers have used any auto transport companies in the past and they can recommend it to you (or recommend NOT to use it, which is also a good piece of information...).

Once you have several quotes check the companies that sent you those quotes. For example go to Better Business Bureau website and verify that the one you liked the most doesn't have a ridiculous number of claims, in which case cross it out immediately. Also, check for similar questions and answers on this site.

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There are many transport companies out there. Go to a local car dealer and ask them for names talk to the high end cars like bmw mercedes etc. They move millions of dollars worth of cars a week in and out.


Most auto transport companies are simply brokers. They work with you and the auto transporters so you don't have to. There is no major national auto transport companies like there are for household moving. So the brokers find a small carrier company that will do the move and set everything up.


Get quotes and compare rates. You should also check out the auto transport company track record at transport reviews.

Rule of thumb is 32¢/mile

NY-FL $500-600
FL-CA $750

I suggest , if you want to look at reviews on companies in this industry check out . If you want get multiple quotes from different carriers easily I recommend
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