How do you show elevation in Google Earth?

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Under the View menu make sure 'Status Bar' item is checked otherwise you won't see the elevation which appears on the bottom of the map.
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Can you show me my country in Google Earth?

Start Google Earth then enter your country, city, and/or full address into the fly-to search panel and press 'Enter'. Google should automatically fly-to that location if there

How do you show your airplane on Google Earth?

Flightwise (formerly FBOweb) introduced the ability to track flights in Google Earth. They created some special network links to show the approximate positions of all the in-b

How do you get Google Earth version 5.1 to show the distance that your path is?

Google Earth 6 introduced a Measurements tab when you edit/view placemark properties, which will show length of paths. You can upgrade to free version of GE 6.0 if you want

How does Google show the earth view to people?

From satellite images. You can view all kinds of things this way such as maps, terrain, 3D buildings, the oceans, canyons, and much more. More interesting is that you can see

Why won't Google Earth show up on your computer?

Assuming you installed Google Earth there are some situations where the desktop short-cut disappears. In that case you have to re-create the desktop short-cut either manually

How do you set Google Earth to show altitude?

If you want to see altitude in Google Earth (along with latitude/longitude under the mouse cursor) then you can enable the Status bar in the View menu by checking the ' Status

How do you make Google Earth show current time?

With Google Earth you can show the current time with respect to the day-night for sunlight of the Sun across the surface of the Earth. A time slider appears that you can chang

Why doesn't area 51 show up on Google Earth?

Might depend what country you''re trying to view the imagery from. In most cases you should be able to see the installation better than as "Area 51" in Google Earth by jumping