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How do you sing on Club Penguin?

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You can't sing but if you click off your type box then press 'et' you can make a silly sound! You can also make up your own songs and sing them in the light house!And, if your a member, you can buy instrumaents at the gift shop! Hope this helps!
you cant u need to type
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Do penguins sing?

Okay! Well this is toughy. Penguins do sing. yes. But its very VERY high sweet sounding melody that does sound better than your choir. So yeah. EAT IT!

How can you sing songs on Club Penguin?

Singing? You can't sing, but if you press E T together it will make a musical note, followed up by a fart noise, or you can just type the words to a song

How do you make the money sing on club penguin?

1. you can try to become member (if you are not) and get 12,000 money 2. get a "tour guide" job, you will get 250 money every month 3. try playing mine cart, and do always

What do you do when you can not get on Club Penguin?

Well, this is happening to me so this what I suggest. 1. Try logging in from miniclip.com 2. Try waiting until a different time. 3. It may be the time when everyone is getting

How do you get on i Club Penguin Club Penguin?

I'm sorry, but it seems that what you're asking is totally... well absurd! But if you're are asking how to log onto club penguin, you simply type in 'club penguin' into your s

What is Club Penguin what is Club Penguin?

club penguin is an online virtual world for kids where you can be a  penguin, walk around and chat with other penguins, buy clothes and  furniture to decorate your igloo(hou