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Put a seprate transformer. It will solve this issue
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What is low voltage lighting?

In general it usually means circuits that operate at a voltage of less than 30.. 12 volts is a common value for low voltage lighting, there are others too.. A step-down transformer converts the utility power to a low value to feed the lamps.

Why is alternating current low voltage?

Alternating current is not necessairly low voltage, on the controrary AC is more oftenly used for when high voltage is needed. Most power distribution systems (extremely high voltages) use AC because AC is easier to transform to high voltages (using the aptly named transformer). High voltage is need (MORE)

What are the applications of low voltage switchgear?

Low-voltage switchgear may be suitable for industrial or commercial use, so long as the distribution system does not exceed 600 volts. They may either be used alone or incorporated into a larger unit for secondary monitoring of power utilization. Be sure to always purchase switchgear from a trusted (MORE)

What means Low voltage release?

Low voltage release refers to the disconnection of a contactor andthe stopping of the motor during power outage. This feature happensonly with two-wire circuit.

What voltage is the UK Mains supplied at?

230-240 It's described as 230 v for harmonisation with Europe, with atolerance of -6% +10% to allow for the fact that the actual supplyvoltage in most places is 240 v, and there are no plans to changeit. So 230 v is the political answer, while 240 v is the real answer.

What is the supply voltage in us?

It's difficult to figure out exactly what your question is referring I'll cover as many bases as I can.In the United States, the Electrical grid is delivered to consumers in the form of AC 110 - 125 volts, and runs at 60 Hz (cycles per second). Compare this to Europe which runs at 220 volts (MORE)

What is low voltage switchgear?

Low voltage switchgear are switchgear that operate within a low voltage range.It contains fuse,metering device and circuit breaker. To improve on the answer above, low-voltage switchgear is capable of handling distribution systems at 600 volts or below and is often included as a secondary monit (MORE)

What voltages are supplies by the power supply on your system?

The power supply in a PC is a complex device using switch mode circuitry and transformers to generate +and- 12v, for modems and communications ports. +and-5volts for the logic circuitry,3volts for the processor. All these supplies are generated and electronically regulated. It is such a waste when t (MORE)

What causes a low voltage in the transformer?

If this refers to a wire wound transformer, as it sounds then there is likely only two possibilities : the input voltage has dropped prier to entering the primary windings or there is a short in the windings some where within. The only other possibility I can think of is : This is a trick question a (MORE)

What supply voltage does a computer need?

At Least, 115 volts. Which is standard from a wall outlet. If should not matter how many volts your computer needs, but the watts does. For most computers they need anywhere from 100-800 watts.

Low voltage does not imply low hazard?

This depends on your definition of hazard, and low voltage for that matter. A car battery is 12 volts, which is not enough to kill someone, but it is certainly enough to melt metal if you drop a metal tool across both positive and negative terminals. The melting metal can cause burns, etc.

What is low voltage?

the voltage less than the required voltage to work a device or circuit is ment to be low voltage. For example if a bulb needs 10v to work properly, if we give only 6v the bulb glows but it glows dim which means that proper voltage is not supplied. hope u got the answer............ According to the (MORE)

What is low voltage programming?

LVP is the programming of the chip in which we don't need traditional high voltage like 12V or 13V. chip can work at lower voltage. so to programming a chip such a way that it can work at lower voltage that 12 V or 13 V is known as low voltage programming. PIC is by default work under LVP.

What is low heart voltage?

Low voltage on an EKG is usually encountered in people with very thick chest walls or with lung diseases. Low voltage results from increased impedance between the EKG leads (on the chest) and the source of the charge (the heart). Increased distance, poorly conducting tissue or air all increase the i (MORE)

Why are there high and low voltage lines?

Because higher voltage can carry further. That answer is too simplistic. The actual reason is as follows: for any given load, the higher the supply voltage, the lower the resulting current. Lower currents mean smaller diameter transmission/distribution conductors can be used and the line losses(I (MORE)

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V . But this doesn't mean that the actual supply voltage is 230 V, because the supply voltage is allowed to vary by -6% and +10% of the nominal voltage. In other words, the actual (MORE)

Low voltage can kill?

According to the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (UK) , for a.c., 'low voltage' is defined as being between 50V and 1000 V (between conductors) or between 50 V and 600 V to earth (ground). So, yes, low voltage can most definitely kill!

Why is low-voltage considered dangerous?

Low voltage is not considered to be dangerous if it is used correctly. In fact, no voltage level is dangerous if it is installed and used as designed. Electricity only becomes hazardous when regulations and safety advice are ignored and contravened.

Will low voltage hurt your tv?

It depends where the low voltage is applied. But if the supplyvoltage is unusually low but the TV still produces a picture, thatis OK.

What is a low voltage electrical system?

A low voltage electrical system consists of a transformer and an output of about 12 volts. It is frequently used by a home owner to run a wire along the ground to put lights along a walkway. If an animal bites the wire or someone cuts the wire and touches the loose ends, he will get a shock but it w (MORE)

Is low voltage harmful to electronics?

No the low voltage is not harmful for all ever . if you applied low voltage than the output power of your device will low and you can also observe that the performance of your device will also reduce. it may also make the device inactive.

What is the effect of variation in supply voltage?

A: Depends on the circuitry involved an op amp normally has a 90 Db rejection from variation, Logic gates however are more sensitive to power supply variation for the simple point that triggering points changes which translate in false triggering and the circuits miss behaving

Does a low voltage supply increase power consumption?

Lowering voltage will lower power consumption, but there will come a point where the desired operation of the device will not be met. For example if you had a variable voltage like a dimmer on a light bulb, you can reduce the voltage to a point where the bulb no longer emits a useful amount of ligh (MORE)

What is low voltage distribution system?

In the Typical sense its anything 50 volts or below. When speaking of service voltages its 600 volts or below. The threshold of 50 volts is believed to be the point where skin will resist shock so a lessor hazard is encountered. Type your answer here...

What changes a low voltage into a higher voltage?

The step up transformer is used to change the voltage from high to low or low to high voltage by eitherincreasing the number of inding or reducing the number of winding in the transformer,thus when the winding reduced on side of primary winding and ingreasing number of winding on secondary side it m (MORE)

How many volts in low voltage?

There are three main categories of low voltage. It depends on what type of system the voltage belongs to, as each system has a bottom end or low voltage assigned to it.

What is amount of voltage supplied at night?

In theory, voltage should be the same around the clock. In practice you may get a tad higher voltage at nights, as there's less load on the system. With most people asleep, there aren't as many machines running.

How does the 4-wire three-phase low votage consumer supply can be used to provide two different voltages?

It can but it's probably dangerous and probaly illegal. Answer It's quite normal to have two different voltages with a three-phase, four-wire, a.c. supply, and it's certainly not illegal nor is it dangerous. For example, in Europe, a three-phase, four-wire, system provides 400 V between lines (MORE)

How is low voltage distinguished from high voltage?

Low voltage is usually DC off a 120transformert Answer According to BS 7671:2008, Requirements for Electrical Installations , high voltage is defined as exceeding 1000 V (a.c.) line-to-line, or 600 V (a.c.) line-to-neutral.

What is different low voltage and medium voltage?

Voltage levels are defined by the electrical regulations in the country in which you live. In some countries, 'medium voltage' is not defined at all. For example, BS7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations , the UK's wiring regulations define voltage levels as ' extra-low ', ' low ', a (MORE)

What voltage level is considered low voltage?

Low voltage is a relative term, as there is no 'level' at which a voltage is rated 'low'. Electrical safety codes define low voltage as circuits that do not require the same protections necessary at higher voltages.

What is a low voltage item?

An item that doesn't draw many volts. Say a USB charger (5 v I think) vs a lamp (120v). Standard US outlets output 120v, but the items don't use all of it up.