How do you spell banana in french?

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une banane, plural: des bananes
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How do you spell to in french?

to (as in he goes to school) = à (il VA à l'école) two = deux too (I love you too) = aussi (moi aussi je t'aime)

How do you spell my in French?

There are three ways of saying my in french: 1.Ma-female 2.Mon-male 3.Mes-plural masculine for my is mon and feminine for my is ma

How do you spell no in french?

Non is the word for no in French. If you're trying to say "we haveno _____" then the word is ne pas aucun. Example: We don't have noapples."Nous n'avons pas aucune pomme."

How do you spell his in French?

When you want to say "his" in French, you say either "son" or "sa" . If you want to construct your sentence correctly, you must keep in mind that in French the possessive pronoun doesn't tell you the gender of the person who owns the object, but the gender of the object itself. In Englis (MORE)

How do you spell you in French?

'you' is spelled 'tu' when you are on first-name terms with the other person. it is spelled 'vous' in formal settings (for a single person) or as the plural of the informal 'tu'. Tu is used informally and for a single person. Vous is used when talking to several people, or as the formal you.

What is 'How do you spell that' in French?

'how do you spell that' is commonly said 'comment est-ce que ça s'écrit ?' in French. comment est-ce que ça s'écrit ?, or comment est-ce que vous écrivez cela ?,or comment l'écrivez-vous ?

How do you spell was in french?

I was = j'étais he was, she was = il était, elle était I was: j'étais; he/she was: il/elle était; it was: c'était

It is spelled in French?

In French, to ask 'how do I spell it?' you say: Comment ça s'écrit? To answer, you can simply: a) give them the spelling of the word or b) say: C'est s'écrit ... Literally meaning 'It is Spelled...'

How do you spell on in French?

The preposition "on" in French is 'sur'. It is pronounced (sir) or (suhr). For a switch that turns "on" and "off" the words would be marche (go) and arrêt (stop) .

Spell they in french?

If all of them are female, then it's elles. If even one of them is male, then ils

How do you spell that in French?

"Comment ca s'ecrit en francais?" (means "how do you write that in French") The adjective that (that object, this object) is ce or cet (before a vowel sound) or cette (feminine). . There are a lot of words to translate "that" in french, depend the context: ce , cet, ces, cela, ça, leq (MORE)

How do you spell what in French?

As an adjective - quel(le)(s) What size is he? Quelle taille fait-il? What colour is it? De quelle couleur est-ce?, C'est de quelle couleur? What books do you need? Quels livres vous faut-il? What subjects are you studying? Quelles matières étudiez-vous? As a pronoun - in questio (MORE)

How do you spell the in french?

le (+ singular masculine noun) ; la (+ singular feminine noun) ; l' (+ noun of any gender, but beginning by a vovwel sound) ; les (+ plural nouns of any gender)

How do you spell ITS in French?

se or sa depending if the object is feminine or masculine. English doesn't differentiate between non-animal nouns, but french nouns do.

How do you spell get in French?

Obtenir (literally, to obtain) works in most situations. You would use attraper in some cases, such as "to get a sunburn" (attraper un coup de soleil).\n. \nA lot of times English sayings don't translate exactly as you would think. For example, "to get a tan" actually has its own verb in French (br (MORE)

Spell the in French?

The is 'le', 'la', or 'les' in French. 'le' is to be followed by a singular masculine noun, 'la' by a singular feminine, 'les' by a plural of any gender.

How do you spell do not in French?

The answer is "ne pas" but sometimes you only use "pas". Ej. Je ne sais pas conduir I don't know how to drive. Pas encore- - -Not yet or nor now

How do you spell i in French?

I (pronoun) is translated "je" in French. When it is followed by a vowel or a 'h' for example j'ai for I have or j'ecris for I write, there is an apostrophe that replaces the e.

How do you spell had in French?

The French verb meaning "to have" is avoir. The verb must be conjugated correctly, since French verbs change in form according to tense and the subject of the action. There are several different ways of expressing past time in French, just like there are in English. To translate "had" into Fren (MORE)

How do you spell when in French?

Two possible answers:. 1) Q - U - A - N - D.. 2) French spelling is more closely tied to pronunciation than English spelling. If you're a French speaker who can pronounce a given word, you can usually spell that word.

How do you spell a in French?

un/une Actually, if you mean to put it in a sentence such as "she is A nice girl" then it's UNE or UN depending on the gender. if you just mean the letter a french "A" is the same as an English "A". d'un

What is 'banana' in French?

Banane is a French equivalent of 'banana'. It's a feminine gender noun that takes as its definite article 'la' ['the'] and as its indefinite 'une' ['a, one']. It's pronuonced 'bah-nahn'.

How do you spell 'the' in French?

In French, there are a few ways of saying the word 'the' as every noun is either masculine or feminine. Le is the masculine form of 'the'. La is the feminine form of 'the'. Les is the plural form. Here are some examples of masculine and feminine terms at work: le garço (MORE)

How do you spell 'I do' in French?

You can't just say "I do" in french. You have to explain what you do or whatever you are talking about. However Je I do, but you would say it as "Je fais l'excercise" I do excercise or "Je fais mon devoir" I do my homework. It really just depends. Faire: to do/to make.

How do you spell Not in French?

The word for not is ne pas in French. It combines with is as n'est pas. Sometimes the word pas is enough, a type of verbal shortcut.

How do you spell he is in French?

How can you not know this... lolzz ok so.. il = he elle=she vous=you (pl) + (when you address some1 wid respect) nous=we tu= you (s) + (like ur siblings for ex. would be addressed wid tu) ils/elles = they he is = il est ___ (tres stupide) ;)

How is the spelled in French?

the word "the" right? le (for masculine words) la (for feminine words) les (for words in plural) l' (for words starting with a vouwel)

How do you spell 'be' in French?

Être Additional answer You're really asking 'what is French for 'be'. The answer above gives Être, but that actually means ' to be '. If you were to say 'I will be' you'd say je sera , or 'I would be' je voudrais. So you see, you have to be more specific, because other languages do not (MORE)

How do you spell banana in Indian?

You will need to be more specific, a recent census recognised 1612 languages in the Indian sub continent. There may be at least 30 languages spoken by over 1 million people alone

How do you spell get me in French?

there is no exact translation, and it depends what context it is used, but for example when saying, come and get me from a place you would say viens me chercher