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Fashion Show
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What is IN in fashion?

Some of the latest trends are colored tights, colored socks, high-waisted skirts and shorts...

How do you get fashionable?

These are just a few things that you can do to be fashionable: 1. read weekly fashion magazines 2. see what your friends are wearing 3. start your own trend 4. copy other peo

Where can you do a fashion show?

You can hold fashion shows in Paris, London, Italy & more, the fashion shows are usually held in holiday places like France & so on Hope this helped :D

What are the out fashions?

i can tell you the in fashion clothes: dark blues shirts with belts chunky brackets geek glasses long socks jeggings (leggings made out of denim) studded legging

How can you be fashionable?

clothes First you should start off looking at magizines or looking online some fashionable stores are banana republic,macy's,j.c penny,abercrombie,ect . when you find somethin

Do fashion designer earn from fashion show?

No, usually they pay to be involved in a show or to hold their own. At the very least, they don't pay to take part in the show but they lend their product to the organisers (w

The importance of a fashion show for a fashion designer?

A fashion show is a chance for a designer to show off their collection and overall creativity level. Often the media are at catwalks, if the media like a collection they can

How can you be on fashion?

firstly you need to know the latest trends and know the terminology of fashion , watch fashion weeks, such york fashion week 2010 spring summer collection, it will help

Why do you do fashion?

You do fashion because it makes you look glamourus to other peopleand it makes you to be on trend with the latest fashion, also it isreally fun because you can experiment with

What is in with fashion?

Well, right now.. Girls: Skinny Jeans Hoodies Cardigans Ankle Boots Ugg boots Keds-Shoes (brand) Vans-Shoes (brand) Guys: Skinny jeans with a crotch that goes down to their

Why is there fashion?

There is fashion because as humans we like to look aesthetically pleasing, we are caught up with the trends that are in and what is fashionable and which is a fashionable don'

What is fashion for you?

For me the importance of style and fashion in today's society ismuch underrated. The way that you look and dress is the firstimpression that people have of you. In order to gi

Why do fashion designers hold fashion shows?

To showcase their upcoming line of clothing. The contributor above has given a fine answer to the question ofway fashion designers hold fashion shows. As a former fashion sho

How can you show your designs in a fashion show?

1. First, you'll need to find a fashion show in your area. . Check your city's local magazines, as magazines are usually the hosts of fashion shows. Contact their fashion/s