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Fashion Show
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How do you be fashionable?

Well it depends on what fashion means to you. Are you into old-fashion, retro, emo style, posh? Old-Fashion: Same as being posh; don't go into the bonnet things, howabout light pink colours or baby colours? Lace isvery old-fashioned and pretty! Retro: Casual, bring a sense of 'cooln (MORE)

What happens at fashion shows?

models walk on the catwalk displaying various designers items; clothes, lingerie, bags, e.t.c. models walk on the catwalk displaying various designers items; clothes, lingerie, bags, e.t.c

How do you get fashionable?

These are just a few things that you can do to be fashionable: 1. read weekly fashion magazines 2. see what your friends are wearing 3. start your own trend 4. copy other people 5. wear clothes that suit your personality Thank You xx

Where can you do a fashion show?

You can hold fashion shows in Paris, London, Italy & more, the fashion shows are usually held in holiday places like France & so on Hope this helped :D

What are the out fashions?

i can tell you the in fashion clothes: dark blues shirts with belts chunky brackets geek glasses long socks jeggings (leggings made out of denim) studded leggings studded dresses studded jeans floral designs high top trainers i hope this will help

How can you be fashionable?

clothes First you should start off looking at magizines or looking online some fashionable stores are banana republic,macy's,j.c penny,abercrombie,ect . when you find something you like ask a friend or family member if they like it once you found a lot of clothes you like go to the mall try some clo (MORE)

Why do you fashion?

BECAUSE FASHION IS FABULOUSS DARLING_______________________________________________ that is so OTT buti agree It is Fabulous Babe here You must have heard some of them, Forever21, Oasap, UNIQLO,American Eagle etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

What was fashionable?

that's a good question but i do not no everyone has there own uniqe style so its hard to answer but no this all styles are popular in there own way if you follow the tips of fashion gurus then... I'm not telling OKAY but only just once someone was a fashion guru answerer and lots of people asked her (MORE)

What do they fashion do?

Fashion helps people around the world show off their personality . People do fashion because they want to show or hide some thing about them

How do you be in fashion?

You can look at what everyone else (randome teens or people in your age group) are wereing or lok in catologs and magizines. Anothe way is to go to populare stores and see what they're offering

Should fashion sHows be banned?

\nWell honestly I don't think so because where would fashion designers get to show off there work and artistic ability to the world. Some people think they should be band because of the models and how they are not treated right.\n. \n-fashion designer

How do you be a fashionable?

Everyone has their own idea of "Fashion". I know, it sounds cheesy, but wear the clothes YOU like! If you just like to follow the trends, check fashion magazines, websites, ect.

How do you win fashion show?

easy.... i normally go to fashion shows in new york the way to win is be confident make sure you look good before you go down the isle but its all about the walking you got to swing your hips and your pose has to be good put a little pout on your face and make sure your accsesories are good . goo (MORE)

Why get into fashion?

If you want to get into Fashion I would make sure that it's something you love. People get into fashion for all kind of reasons. Maybe they love clothes or designing. Or you could love just wearing awesome clothes.

What are the themes for an Indian fashion show?

The themes of Indian fashion shows vary depending on if they aretraditional or modern. Traditional Indian fashion shows includeclassic clothing from different Indian time periods and cultureslike the sari, dhoti, and lungi. Modern Indian fashion showsusually have multicultural or non-traditional Ind (MORE)

Do fashion designer earn from fashion show?

No, usually they pay to be involved in a show or to hold their own. At the very least, they don't pay to take part in the show but they lend their product to the organisers (which they usually get back, often damaged - so in a way this is a cost for them...) It's basically an exercise in PR for the (MORE)

The importance of a fashion show for a fashion designer?

A fashion show is a chance for a designer to show off their collection and overall creativity level. Often the media are at catwalks, if the media like a collection they can help the Fashion Designer begin to take their career in design further by creating publicity.

How do you host a fashion show on Fantage?

You first have to go to downtown and all they way of the right end there is a top model inc. You go in and then on the upper right corner it says play you click it then all the way at the end of the peoples fashion show hosts it says host your own fashion show you click and there Hope i helped!

How do you get a spot in a fashion show on FooPets?

You have to go down all the way to the bottom when your on play with my foopet, then click foo fashion show and read and click foo boutique and download it then dress up your pet and buy the clothes with foo gems or FDs and then you go back to foo fashion show and click enter a show and find a show (MORE)

Was there a fashion show recently?

Fashion shows take place all around the world at all times of the year. To answer the question, it is necessary to specify the region where you would want to know about the fashion shows of. There were Fashion Weeks concluded in Milan, Paris, New York, London and several parts of the world.

How can you get sponsors for a school fashion show?

my school does a fashion show every year and it is very successful. they have stores like CACHE and DEB. also they have Old Navy or the GAP. you have the models and their parent sign a contract that if the outfit (which is lent to the models) is damaged, then they will have to pay full price for it. (MORE)

What is a top fashion show?

a show that has 1. A common term for high fashion (unique stylish design made to order for wealthy and high-status clients usually in Milan Paris and New York).

What do you wear to a fashion show?

It would be appropriate to wear the fashion show's designer's clothes as a gesture to show your support. Track down the latest trends and developments in clothing; rather awkward if you end up in one without being updated. Fashion Shows are also perfect times to showcase newer styles of various genr (MORE)

How do you fly on Fantage in a fashion show?

First when the judge chooses a theme you go to your inventory and click tab until its on the letter Y in the word inventory then you click enter.You might not see Your self now go down you see that your behind the judge hope i helped

How do fashion designers show their work?

well, they draw it in books/ on paper first and show it to the people who would endorse them(first show) then make any improvements and then they start to make the designs and they are then at the 2nd point of show on a maniquin

How can you be on fashion?

firstly you need to know the latest trends and know the terminology of fashion , watch fashion weeks, such york fashion week 2010 spring summer collection, it will help alot trust me, and by the way im 12,

What are the categories within a fashion show?

Every fashion show has different categories a contestant shouldreceive a list when they sign up. Typical categories are casual,formal, sport, talent, bathing suit, professional, and lingerie.

Why do you do fashion?

You do fashion because it makes you look glamourus to other peopleand it makes you to be on trend with the latest fashion, also it isreally fun because you can experiment with different styles and youdon't want to be looking ugly and looking like you don't care aboutit. So get out there and have a t (MORE)

What is in with fashion?

Well, right now.. Girls: Skinny Jeans Hoodies Cardigans Ankle Boots Ugg boots Keds-Shoes (brand) Vans-Shoes (brand) Guys: Skinny jeans with a crotch that goes down to their knees Hoodies Plaid shirt thingies Skateboarding shoes like 'Emerica' Long big T-shirts from West 49 Hope this helped!

Why is there fashion?

There is fashion because as humans we like to look aesthetically pleasing, we are caught up with the trends that are in and what is fashionable and which is a fashionable don't. We are consumed into advertisements that show us what we should be looking and how we should style ourselves. Yet, fashion (MORE)

What is the SS fashion show?

Every year, the major fashion houses and designers hold 4 collections. The two main collections are Autumn/ Winter and Spring/Summer( which is S/S). They also have two small collections: Pre-Fall and Resort.

How do you set up a fashion show?

well get a stage, put up posters aroun where it is going to be and get some people to model your clothes. and getting a few clothes would help too!

How does a fashion show brings entertainment?

Fashion Shows are very entertaining to some people. Sometimes it brings them ideas about how they want to look. Example: you see a top that u love so much. U want one just like it. You ask where to find one and they tell u where to find it and ull have a top u love. This was boring wasnt it?

How do you get ready to be in a fashion show?

Models hired for a fashion show must attend a fitting in order to find out which outfits they are going to be wearing and in what order. Next, there are the rehearsals so that the models will know where to walk and in what order they'll be lined up in. The day of the fashion show, models arrive and (MORE)

What is fashion for you?

For me the importance of style and fashion in today's society ismuch underrated. The way that you look and dress is the firstimpression that people have of you. In order to give people a goodfirst impression, you need to be dressed in a way that fits yourstyle and does not look sloppy or messy, but (MORE)

What are the different wardrobes on a fashion show?

Wardrobes----**thinking face**____ ah! Well, are you talking about the clothing the models on a runway model for/wear? Their are various types, (as u probably know.) I was going to become a 'fashion runway model,' but I changed my mind. I didn't fit in. Also, the models scared me, but they did tell (MORE)

Why do fashion designers hold fashion shows?

To showcase their upcoming line of clothing. The contributor above has given a fine answer to the question ofway fashion designers hold fashion shows. As a former fashion showphotographer a few other items can be added to the answer. Certainly fashion designers wish to display their latest designs (MORE)

Is it safe to have a fashion show in Mexico?

Yes, but for better purposes, the fashion show should be performed on resort cities such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, or in larger interior cities such as Mexico City or Guadalajara. These cities have better security and infrastructure to support such kind of show.

How can you show your designs in a fashion show?

1. First, you'll need to find a fashion show in your area. . Check your city's local magazines, as magazines are usually the hosts of fashion shows. Contact their fashion/style editor, and express your interest. . Check for local (and national) contests, where you can upload your designs for a c (MORE)