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How do you spell the sound of sticking your tongue out?

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A raspberry sound
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Can a crocodile stick out its tongue?

No they can't, their tongues are stuck to the bottom of their  mouths.

How do you spell tongue?

You spelled it correctly in your question: tongue. That is the correct spelling of "tongue" (articulated muscle of the mouth).

Can a kangaroo stick out its tongue?

Kangaroos probably could stick out their tongue, but this is not something they do, as they do not need to.

How do you spell tonguing?

That is the correct spelling for "tonguing" (using the tongue).

Why does Kali's tongue stick out?

There are several reasons for why Kali's tongue sticks out. According to an ancient Sanskrit text, it licks up the blood and semen of demons. In Tantric Yoga, it is beautiful