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How do you spell the sound of sticking your tongue out?

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A raspberry sound
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How to Stop your child from sticking tongue out?

  Answer   Hard as it may sound, get up and walk away when they do it, or at very least frown and look away. Do not reward it by giving verbal attention, even negati

Can a crocodile stick out its tongue?

No they can't, their tongues are stuck to the bottom of their  mouths.

What animal can not stick out its tongue?

The animal that cannot stick out its tongue is the crocodile. The reason why is because the tongue is attached to the bottom of the mouth by a membrane.

How do you spell tongue?

You spelled it correctly in your question: tongue. That is the correct spelling of "tongue" (articulated muscle of the mouth).

Why does your tongue stick to ice?

The ice quickly freezes the water on your tongue, which makes your tongue stick to the ice. it sticks to it because your tonge is hot and the ice is cold :)   BECAUSE, the

Why is your horse drooling and sticking his tongue out?

Sticking their toungue out is a way of evading the bit. You are most likely being too rough with the bit, using it to MAKE him do something, instead of using the slightest tou

Do shih tzus stick there tongue out and why?

Yes, they do. My male pure bred 2 year old shih tzu sticks his tongue out (it makes him look like he's smiling). They do this because they are either: - tired - need water -

Why does your tongue stick to ice pops?

Upon your tongue's contact with the ice pop, the saliva on your tongue freezes, thus giving the effect that your tongue sticks to the ice pop. The same effect can be achieved