How do you start a new political party in the United States?

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The first step in organizing a new political party in the United States is to think of name and elect temporary officials in your party's first convention. Despite the pompous air a convention stirs, there is nothing special about it. You first convention could be in your back yard around the bar-b-que grill, for all it really matters. The party name, however, cannot be previously used. At a minimum, your party leadership should include a committee chairman and a treasurer. Collecting funds to elect an official to a federal, state, or local position is essential to the success of the party. As such, a bank account must be opened in the party's name. Be aware that you will be required to file financial documents and disclosures with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) when you reach the benchmarks laid out by the FEC. This next section comes direct from FEC website and includes two parts, when to register with the FEC and qualifying as a national or state party committee: When does my party committee need to register with the FEC? National and state party committees must register with the FEC once they make contributions or expenditures in connection with federal elections that exceed $1,000 in a calendar year. Local party committees must register with the FEC once they:
  • Make contributions or expenditures in connection with federal elections that exceed $1,000 in a calendar year;
  • Spend more than $5,000 in a calendar year on so-called "exempt activities"; or
  • Raise more than $5,000 during a calendar year in funds designated for use in federal elections.
As with other committees, parties must register by filing FEC Form 1 [PDF], Statement of Organization within 10 days after reaching the applicable threshold. Party committees should download the Campaign Guide for Political Party Committees [PDF] for more information about the laws that apply to them. How does a committee qualify as a state or national party committee? How does a committee qualify as a state or national party committee? The Commission determines whether committees meet the criteria for state or national party committee status through the advisory opinion process. For state committee status, the Commission has generally looked to see if the committee engages in activities that are commensurate with the day-to-day operations of a party at the state level, and if the committee has gained ballot access for its federal candidates. For national committee status, the criteria include:
  • Nominating qualified candidates for President and various Congressional offices in numerous states;
  • Engaging in certain activities--such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives--on an ongoing basis;
  • Publicizing the party's supporters and primary issues throughout the nation;
  • Holding a national convention;
  • Setting up a national office; and
  • Establishing state affiliates.
Consult our "Advisory Opinions" brochure for more information on how to obtain an opinion from the Commission. Once your party is up and running, you will need to elect permanent leadership and accept a Charter and Bylaws. In essence, the Charter and Bylaws are the constitution of the party. It outlines your party organization, and the relationships between other party organizations (such as state committee's for your party) and other operations your party may undertake (i.e. Presidential Elections, Senate and House elections, State elections, etc.). Your party's Charter and Bylaws may also outline the relationships between your national convention and your national committee. Your Charter and Bylaws may also establish who is eligible to run for public office (federal, state, and local), may include the basis on which your party was founded (party platforms, idealologies, philosophies, etc.), and should set out the goals and intents of the party as a whole. Remember during this process to keep meticulous notes. Every dollar raised and spent MUST be accounted for and reported to the FEC as well as Committee members, Party Leadership, and the general public. You will need to record the minutes of every meeting, the decisions voted for and against, officers elected, fundraising started and stopped, voters registered in the party, voter registration drives, and the list goes on and on. It goes without saying that at some point your party should retain a lawyer. The services of a good lawyer specializing in Constitutional Law, Election, Campaign and Political law will be invaluable. You might also search out a law firm practicing Local and/or Federal Government Law, Labor and Employment, and Administrative Law. They will need to file legal documents on your party's behalf at the federal level as well as State and Local levels.
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How did political parties start?

Political parties started with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both men had totally opposite views on most things(French Revolution, National Bank, XYZ Affair), causing Jefferson to start his on party, the democratic-Republicans, believing it to be for the best. That left the Federalists, (MORE)

What is New Jersey's political party?

Currently, the state of New Jersey is under the Republicanadministration of Governor Chris Christie. The party of thegovernor normally determines which political party is in themajority in the state house. Therefore, the party of choicefrequently changes.

Political parties started in the US in what year?

these political parties were started around the time of George Washington. our first president was against the parties because he thought people would elect a candidate in the persons own party rather then the candidate that was the better fit to lead. written by, -an eight grader

What are the two main political parties of the United States and the animal symbols for the parties?

Republican and democrat. Despite the fact that our country is governed by democracy, republicans still hold positions of political power. Republicans are generally percieved as more conservative, while democrats make changes more often. They often represent 2 different views on political issues, and (MORE)

Who started political parties?

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson did. Alexander Hamilton started the Federalist party. Thomas Jefferson started the Democratic-Republican party.

How many major political parties are in the United States?

Major Political Parties in the USA. \n(Source: Wikipedia)\n. \n. \nParty Name\nDate Founded\nFounder(s)\nAssociated Ideologies\n \nDemocratic Party\n1792 / 1820s\nThomas Jefferson / Andrew Jackson\nAmerican Liberalism, American Progressivism, Social Liberalism\n \nRepublican Party\n1854\nAl (MORE)

What political party controls the state of Pennsylvania?

It is closely divided with the Republicans holding the State Senate by a wide margin, Democrats the State House by a narrow margin, a Democratic Governor, Democratic US Senators and a Democratic majority (12 to 7) in the US House where they gained one seat in 2008. The Auditor General and State Trea (MORE)

What two political parties developed in the United States in the 1790s?

The first organized party in America was made up of the followers of Jefferson, who, starting in the 1790s, called themselves Republicans (or Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans). Hamilton and those who opposed Jefferson, kept the name Federalist. Jefferson's Republican Party has no ties to the curr (MORE)

Where did the political parties start?

Soon after America won its independence, it had its presidential elections. While, Washington was president, he appointed his secretary of state as Thomas Jefferson and his secretary of treasury as Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton's beliefs revolved around a strong central government and a manufacturing (MORE)

What political party were the Confederate States of US?

The confederates were generally southerns democrats. The republican party started at this time by northerners in opposition to slavery. At this time, southern republicans were referred to as "scalawags" as they were seen as traitors to the confederacy.

What are the stated purposes of political parties?

In American politics, the stated purposes of political parties maybe summarized in the following threefold way: First, theyarticulate a vision for flourishing social and individual life.Second, they organize individuals and otherwise gather resourcesnecessary for making that vision reality. Third, t (MORE)

Why does the United States only have two major political parties?

The United States has only two major parties primarily because of the first-past-the-post electoral system. The U.S. single-member district/plurality electoral system requires a party to get a majority of the votes in a district in order to win, and the winner takes it all. Coming in second (even if (MORE)

In the United States what is a political party made up of?

A political party is a group of individuals with broad common interests who organize in order to nominate candidates for office, win elections, conduct government, and determine public policy, both at the state and national level. The most organized political parties are found at the state level. Bu (MORE)

What are New Mexico's political parties?

The largest political parties in New Mexico, as throughout the US, are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Probably the most important party in the US after those two is the Libertarian Party. I am not sure if that is true in New Mexico. There are other parties, such as Socialist, Green, (MORE)

In the United States why did the Industrial Revolution start in New England?

The point of an investor sinking all that capital into machines, was to have those machines replace expensive laborers. In the South, labor was cheap - as it was slave labor. By way of example, no one is going to buy a fancy new dishwasher from Maytag - when you have a kitchen slave in there washin (MORE)

What are the main political parties in the United Kingdom?

At the present time, the Labour Party is in power with Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. The main opposition party is the Conservative Party and has David Cameron as its leader. The other (smaller) opposition party is the Liberal Democrats with Nick Clegg as its leader. There will be an election this (MORE)

Which political party did Vladmir Lenin start?

Lenin started the Bolshevik Party, as a faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1903. It became a separate party some years after that. It was renamed the Communist Party in March 1918.

Political parties unite or divide a country?

It's more of a personal opinion stated from whether you believe in states' rights or federal government. However, more conclusions lead to the division of a country such as the Civil War with the Bleeding Sumner incident, where one political party member (Republican Sumner) verbally attacked a South (MORE)

Which political party started out as the Federalist Party?

The Federalist Party declined in disgrace and no later political party claimed to have started out as the Federalist Party. However, many of the die-hard Federalists in New England participated in the formation of the Republican Party in 1856.

What is the Criteria for a Political party become a state party in India?

A political party shall be treated as a recognised political party in a State, if and only if either the conditions specified in Clause (A) are, or the condition specified in Clause (B) is, fulfilled by that party and not otherwise, that is to say- (A) that such party - . has been engaged in pol (MORE)

What started the first two political parties?

Hamilton and other leaders who wanted a strong central government banded together to put over their policies. In 1787 they began calling themselves the Federalists. This was the first United States political party. In 1796, anti-Federalists gathered around Jefferson. Members of Jefferson's group cal (MORE)

What terrorist group started a political party?

Many terrorist groups around the world throughout history have goneinto politics. Many countries are born out of wars, with opposingsides moving into politics once the fighting is over. Manyterrorist groups are connected to political parties while stillinvolved in terrorism, and so having a politica (MORE)

Is Texas a one party political state?

There is a friendly struggle between the Democrat and Republican parties in the US State of Texas. Lately the Republicans may have the upper hand, however, Texas cannot always be termed a "Republican" favorite.

What are the major political parties in the United States?

In the United States there are two main political parties. The Democrat Party ( often misunderstood to read Democratic, its the former one, not the latter.) And the Republican Party. Members of each party are not bound by "strict party lines", meaning that within each party is a broad spectrum of (MORE)

When did the political parties start selecting runningmates?

It's a little different: the political parties used tonominate vice presidents by separate voting procedures during theParties' national conventions in the election years. Gradually andstarting in the 20th century, Presidential candidates (who hadalways had some influence on the earlier vice-presi (MORE)