How do you start a support group?

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To start a support group, you could create flyers on the topic of your choice and post them on public boards. You could place an ad in the newspaper and the internet. Also, you could place flyers in public bathrooms with a phone number that tears from the flyer for people to read at their leisure. Good Luck!
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What was Mussolini's support group?

He did not have the support of Italians in Canada nor America or even Canadians and Americans. All he had were the Fascist Italians and Nazi Germans.

How do you start a epilepsy support group?

It all starts with an Idea. Then you advertise it. Tell everyone you know about it. Then decide what your group will do. Weather it be raise money or provide support it is all
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What are group support systems?

Group support systems (GSS), sometimes called groupware, are interactive computer-based systems that allow groups of people throughout an institution to work on the same proje
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How many gay support groups are there?

There are hundreds of thousands of these around the world. Theyrange from formal organizations to informal groups such as Facebookgroups. Notable support organisations include
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How do support groups differ from therapy groups?

In my opinion a support group is one in which each member orparticipant, including the leader, is working toward a common goal,some relief or recovery if you will from a parti
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What does support groups do?

Support groups provide a safe and caring place for members todiscuss their shared health (or other) concern. Discussion mayconsist of sharing daily struggles, as well as learn