How do you start a title insurance company or a fee attorney company in Texas?

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Title Insurance in Texas is highly regulated. To find the Rules and Regulations, you can access the Basic Manual of Texas Title Insurance at - You may also find more information at the Texas Department of Insurance website at (Select "Title" from the menu) It is much easier to become a "fee office" than a "title agent". A fee office is an attorney that has a fee agreement with an existing title company. For more information, contact the major title insurance underwriters in Texas. They can be found at the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA) website under Membership Directory-Underwriters.
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How do you evaluate a title insurance company?

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Answer . \nYes, in most circumstances you would need the help of a lawyer to set up your company and get the legal documentation or licenses.\n. \nFor example, in Florida

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Can a power of attorney be written by a Title company?

I actually have 2 questions 1. Can a power of attorney be written up by a title company when a peice of real estate is sold. And does that mean that the power of attorney can