How do you stop Facebook user sending you emails on Facebook?

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Log into your Email account (the one you get FB mails to). Open the FB mail, or tick it. Go to options and choose report to spam. After a while FB would stop Emailing you.
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What is the average age of Facebook users?

you have to be older than 13 to join facebook but sadly lots of people fake there age so then facebook mangers kick people of it they have tracked down there infomation.

How do you block a user on Facebook?

Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the 'block' button.

How do you Email Facebook?

this might be different for you but check one of your emails from Facebook and see who sent it to you.Mine was,email what you need to say to Facebook.

How do you quit Facebook from sending messages to email?

You don't have to have Facebook completely stop sending you email notifications. It gives you the option to pick which things you want to be notified about. To change this setting, log in, and hover over the "settings" thing on the top. Click on "account settings" on the box that appears underneath, (MORE)

How do you send email to facebook team?

I want my profile to my account to be nil forever, and this isbecause unknown somebody added some abussive words to my profilewith intend to fraud and make me be seen hopeless to Voice ofAmerica (VOA) while I am not what they added. I know that is badpolitics of Tanzania. My name is joram kinanda, e (MORE)

How do you get facebook to stop sending you emails?

>'Account' >'Account Settings' >(left side of screen) 'Notifications' >(scroll to bottom and you can see;) 'All Notifications' >You will see sth like this image: >Click on 'Edit' >Uncheck all boxes >Click 'Save Changes' Hope this is helpful.

How do you send an Email to Facebook?

If you're referring to Facebook staff I don't believe that there is such a feature, however you can report abuse through links and such if needed. Other than that I don't believe there is a way to email the Facebook staff directly.

How can you send an email to Facebook?

This is my question is how to send an email to Facebook? But I will cut and paste an email I am wanting to send to whomever is running the programme because I want to get back into my facebook but don't know how to deal with the problem that has occurred. I hope that I will get some answers please b (MORE)

How you stop your Facebook?

You can deactivate your Facebook Account by logging into your Facebook account, and going to Settings. There should be an option to deactivate your account.

How do you Email on Facebook?

Well.... Go to your friends profile. Under there picture should say... View Photo's of _______ View Videos of ______ Send _____ a message

How do you report underage Facebook users?

There is no easy way to report Facebook users unless you are that user's parent or legal guardian or have some other connection to that user (such as being a teacher). You can see that Underage Users are 13 years of age here (as of December 2009) - If you beli (MORE)

What do you do if facebook doesn't send you emails anymore?

put your mouse over the settings tab on the top of the screen in facebook, go to account settings, then click on the smaller tab that says notifications, then you can personalize which notifications you want to be sent to your email. yer welcome(":

How do you stop getting emails for notifications on facebook?

go to your facebook icon on your blackberry, then click on facebook, once you are on newsfeed click the blackberry button on your pad, then go to ' options' scroll down the screen then click on the box to get rid of the facebook notifications you do not want.

Why is your facebook user expired?

your facebook will delete soon in a couple of year the most years 5 year s how do i know this because i am working on all sort of account such as myspace twiter and face from kardashain lover tea

What does facebook user mean?

Someone who either: blocked you or deleted their Facebook. But ifyou click their name in a message, you should be able to see thereprofile and re-friend-request then.

How do you stop someone from emailing you on facebook?

You could try Account / Privacy Settings / Block Lists and add the person's name in the block users box. The help text for this facility says: Once you block someone, that person can no longer be your friend on Facebook or interact with you (except within applications and games you both use).

How do you get a Facebook email?

If you already have facebook, then on your home page or profile page, there are 3 icons. One is your friend requests, another is your inbox, and the 3rd is your notifications. Click on the middle icon to view your inbox.

How do you unblock user on facebook?

In the right top corner, you'll see 'Account' , make sure you click it, and go down to where it says 'Privacy settings' . Click on it, and at the bottom you'll see 'Apps and Websites' , 'Block List' and 'Controlling how you share'. Make sure you click on 'Block List' when you do, you'll see a list (MORE)

How do you send more than one picture at a time with facebook email?

im not really familiar with facebook email, but the best thing to do when sending multiple pictures is clikc on one picture and hold down the ctrl key while clicking on other pictures, if that doesnt work so well you could also click on a picture and roam to another picture and hold down the shift k (MORE)

How many Facebook users in Pakistan?

Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 7965400 Facebook users in the Pakistan , which makes it # 28 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country .

How do you send AOL email to Facebook?

You can send AOL email to Facebook by linking the accounts. When you link your accounts you will see your AOL contacts on Facebook. You can send an AOL email to someone's Facebook email address and it will go to the Facebook message application.