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How do you stop an evil little sister?

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just ignore her and she will get tired of trying to bother you and give up

Being evil can be a sign of demonic possession and should be taken care of immediately. Contact a local clergy as soon as possible to schedule an exorcism.

.. i doubt the person who asked this meant the sister was literally evil..
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How can you get your evil little sisters to leave you alone?

Ignore them and when they say mean/rude things to you just nod and do the meme face (President Obama's not bad face) and they will most likely stop and if that doesn't work fi

How do you make your little sister stop crying?

Tell her to shut up! If that doesn't work just calm her down nicely. bribe her, tell her you will take her out somewere nice or play a game with her, try doing a puppet sho

How do you get your little sister to stop annoying you?

do pranks on her and if that doesn't work annoy her    - or you might try being nice to her and then asking her to please  not be doing the annoying things because you

How do you stop your little sister from copying you?

Getting your little sister to stop copying you is not something that you can probably do, at least not totally. Younger siblings tend to look up to their older siblings, and c