How do you stop the error 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file?

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If you are getting that error, it means that either Java is not installed, or is not in your path.
If Java is not installed, go to to install the most recent version of the JRE.
If you're sure you have already installed Java ensure the Java executable is in your system's path. You can do this by first finding the directory it is installed in. For example, mine is installed in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6. The executables are located in the bin directory.
In order to set your path (Assuming Windows Vista), go to Start -> Control Panel -> System, then click on the 'Advanced System Settings' link on the left, then the 'Environment Variables' button. In the lower section (Labeled 'System Variables'), scroll through and find the item labeled 'Path' and double click it. In the field labeled 'Variable value' go to the end and add a semicolon (;), and then the path your installation of Java is located. Using the example I gave above, I would have added ;C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin to the end of the line.

The procedure for 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 is the same, except the text you will add to the Path variable is ";C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin". Notice there is still a semi-colon at the beginning of the line.

Once you have done this, you will need to close and reopen the command prompt if it is already open, and you should be able to run java without getting this error message.
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How do you call an external file in java?

The class I find useful is the FileReader class in It allows you to read an external file in your program. For instance, Consider a file input.txt: Hello How are you? 1 2 3 4 5 You can access it by: FileReader read = new FileReader("input.txt"); // pass the file name as a (MORE)

What is difference between internal and external command?

What is the difference between internal and external commands? The terms "internal and external" commands bring the Dos operating system in mind! While the terms are still used these days, I'll refer to the Dos O/S example to help you understand the concept and their difference. The Dos operating (MORE)

Java runtime error - NoClassDefFoundError -- how to remove this error in java programming?

This error means that there was a call to a nonexistent class, but this was not caught by the compiler since the class existed when the file was compiled but was removed before running the .class file. To fix this problem try restoring any files you deleted to the SAME directory as your .class file. (MORE)

How do you send the enter command to an active window in a batch file?

you really shouldn't have to do that. If it is still a .bat file and hasn't been converted into a .exe, you could just edit and remove every line that says PAUSE and change the variables so they don't prompt the user for input. (Change "set /p variable=" into set variable=(value) )

If you have two public classes in a java file what will be the error and how will you remove it?

Hmm, let me see, it is technically perfectly legal to have 2 classes in a single file, as long as one class is an inner class of the other: i.e. public class Stevo{ public class Fun{}}. But if you want two separate classes independent of each other the compiler would scream at you about class is pub (MORE)

How do you read from an external file in java?

For java 5.0, there is a really easy way to read text from a file, and there is an option to read whole objects from a file.. To read a Text external file . The simplest way is to use the Scanner Class: Scanner scan = new Scanner ( new File("[yourfilename]")); // and basically use all the scanne (MORE)

What are the commands for batch files?

Open up a command prompt window. . Type 'HELP' . Press the 'Enter' key . A list of commands will appear . for more information on a specific command type the command followed by ' /?'

What is the difference between internal and external commands?

Internal commands are the commands that are executed directly by the shell. These commands will not have a separate process running for each. External commands are the commands that are executed by the kernal. These commands will have a process id running for it. Internal commands are stored in th (MORE)

What is the difference between internal and external command?

Internal commands are functions that are built into the command interpreter, External commands are those not included in the interpreter, and are instead invoked by calling an external binary. Whether or not a particular command is internal or external varies by system. For example, echo is an int (MORE)

What are internal and external commands of DOS?

INTERNAL COMMANDS . These are those commands which are contained in files of MS-DOS.. These are those functions that are built into the command interpreter.. There is no need of any external file in computer to read internal MS-DOS command.. These commands can be used as lon (MORE)

What are operators in the Java programming language?

Take a look at the 1st link below from Sun Microsystems (creator of Java), it will list most of the Java operators with an explanation.. The 2nd link provides a more in-depth description of each type of operator.

What are the features of batch file programming?

Batch file programming is dos based programming you have to use doscommands .It is very good to perform some repetitive task incomputer programming is easy you should only know the dos commands.

How do you open chm file in Java programming?

Hi, Using desktop class u can open the .chm or any other kind of file that was in your computer. Desktop.getDesktop().open( new File("D:/Documents and Settings/ Document.chm")); Don't forget to include the line import java.awt.Desktop; This class is available with Java 6 updates. Java (MORE)

What program do you use to open a batch file?

Hey want to learn batch?? Well a batch file does not need a program (I.E a compiler or interpreter) like in other languages like C++ and Python. No a batch file is just saved a certain way.

Example of internal and external dos command?

Most Commonly Used Internal DOS Commands 1. DATE This command is used to display the system current date setting and prompt you to enter a new date. The syntax is: DATE [/T | date] 2. TIME This command is used to displays or set the system time. The syntax is: TIME [/T | time] (MORE)

How do you send commands to a command-line EXE program from a batch?

Just put the commands in your batch file. When someone runs the program, it will execute the commands it comes across line-by-line. - Example Batch Script: This script will run an application EXE file with command line parameters. This will use the shutdown.exe file that comes with windows. It shu (MORE)

Why UNIX commands are divided into internal and external commands?

An internal command is one that is built in to the shell interpreter and is likely to be used quite a bit. An external command is a file in a directory that can be searched, loaded, and executed. The reason for having internal commands is for performance; it takes a lot less time to have the s (MORE)

Write a java program on arthimetic operations?

For example, write the following in your main method:\n\n \nint a = 10;\nint b = 6;\nSystem.out.println("a = " + a);\nSystem.out.println("b = " + b);\nSystem.out.println("a + b = " + (a + b));\nSystem.out.println("a / b = " + (a / b)); // Integer division! Result = 1\n \n\nYou can add other operator (MORE)

Java program to read and compress a file?

I dont know you are looking for write new program to compress the data.. I am providing code to zip the file in Java. ZipOutputStream zipOutStream = new ZipOutputStream( new BufferedOutputStream( new FileOutputStream( ZipFileName )) ); BufferedInputStream bufferInStram = new BufferedInputStream( ne (MORE)

Command use on how to run a java program?

On the command line, type "java" followed by the filename of the compiled class, e.g.: java myClass.class On the command line, type "java" followed by the filename of the compiled class, e.g.: java myClass.class On the command line, type "java" followed by the filename of the compiled class, e.g (MORE)

Is there any command to run a batch file in background?

Nope, there are no such things as a batch file that can run in stealth mode. A batch file is too simple to go as far as that. If you are trying to do this, I would recommend you legally learn about hacking. If that feature is enabled, you can run a whole lot of nasty stuff in there without the us (MORE)

Distinguish between internal and external file commands with example?

It depends on the shell program you are running in your environment; there are a number of 'internal' commands that are recognized by the shell and do not exist as "commands" on the system anywhere. Any command that is not internal to the shell would be considered an external command. To find a l (MORE)

What does the batch file command GOTO do?

It jumps to the line after the indicated label. For example, this batch... . @ECHO OFF ECHO apple GOTO BANANA ECHO sauce :BANANA ECHO ice cream . ... would generate the following output: . apple ice cream .

Java program to get a file from c and display in command prompt.u need to save in d drive.plz provide the code immediately?

Please be patient with us mere humans. The answer can only be given when a human has the time to read your question, have the knowledge of C/Java/Windows to be able to write the code that should solve the problem, then the human needs the concentration to sqash all the bugs that will stop the code s (MORE)

What are internal and external commands in dos?

INTERNAL COMMANDS . These are those commands which are contained in files of MS-DOS.. These are those functions that are built into the command interpreter.. There is no need of any external file in computer to read internal MS-DOS command.. These commands can be used as long as DOS (MORE)

What is Logic error in java programming?

Logical errors are grammatical errors or mistakes made by a programmer in java, it may not affect the program design but it can change the context of the statements.

What is file in Java programming?

The class is an abstract representation of file anddirectory pathnames. Following are the important points aboutFile: Instances may or may not denote an actual file-system object suchas a file or a directory. If it does denote such an object thenthat object resides in a partition. A (MORE)

What is Runtime error in java programming?

A Runtime error is a situation wherein the JVM encountered a state which caused it to crash. For Ex: if i say float f = x/y; with x and y being variables that get assigned at some point in the preceding lines of code, the system might throw an error if for some reason y remained 0. You cant divid (MORE)

What are three types of errors you may encounter in a Java program?

Three types of errors you may encounter in a Java program in sequential order of realization are compile time errors, run time errors, and semantic errors. Compilation errors occur when the program will not compile due to the compiler rejecting the compilation process for various reasons such as (MORE)

How could Java classes direct program messages to the system console but error messages say to a file?

Sytem.out amd System.err is used to get the output, and refer to standard output strem and which is by default console ... u can send the output to any other stream or log file either by importing and show the output to the console and run time error to any file using exception handling (MORE)

What is an external and internal commands in DOS?

Internal DOS commands are those provided internally by cmd.exe: BREAK, CD/CHDIR, CHCP, CLS, COPY, CTTY, DATE, DEL/ERASE, DIR, EXIT,LOADHIGH, LOCK, MD/MKDIR, PATH, PROMPT, RD/RMDIR, SET, TIME,TRUENAME, TYPE, UNLOCK, VER, VOL, VERIFY. . External commands are those provided by separate executable (MORE)

What are the mathematical order of operators in Java programming?

Mathematical operators have the standard precedence: parenthesis(brackets), orders (powers), multiplication/division,addition/subtraction. x + y * z implies x + (y * z) becausemultiplication has higher precedence than addition. When twooperators have the same precedence (such as addition andsubtract (MORE)

How do you Fix a Java Error when the command prompt flashes and disappears?

So, on my old computer I was able to download the same file I amtrying to get now, but my new computer has trouble with that file.(I am using a x64 bit Windows 10) This is what happens: I download the (safe) .jar file from (Minecraft Mod) I (attempt) to open it the same way I used to. ( (MORE)