How do you stop your brother anoiying you?

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If you want your brother to stop annoying you, you should not get mad or fight because eventually he will stop because he will think he is not really bothering you when he is. Violence, Drama and Yelling will never solve your problem.
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How do you get your brother to stop annoying you?

well first if u annoy him hes going to coppie u and annoy u back and if that doesent work then try playing with him and be nice to him and he will aventually coppie that's for younger brothers if hes older than unfortuatelly there is nothing u can do because that's what they do

How do you stop your brother from downloading rsbot?

Depends on multiply factors, why do you want to stop him from it anyway? It does not harm your computer in anyway. You could block it in the firewall, you could downgrade his user account on the computer and put on parent control. But just as you ask how to do this, he will ask people how to (MORE)

How do you get your mean annoying brother to stop?

Be mean and annoying back. Or you can rat them out! get them grounded for like 2/3weeks or something! If you really cant say anything because you cant think of anything, then tell him that he's really mean to you and tell your mum or dad what they've said. If your brother is older than you, they w (MORE)

What can you do to stop your brother from telling you what to do?

Be clear to yourself. What are you doing that your brother is telling you to do? Are you not doing your chores? Are you fooling around the house? Have you don your homework? Thins like this if you haven't done yet your brother is just concern for you to do the right things. Your growing and it makes (MORE)

How do you get your brother to stop beating you up?

Well that's tough but no matter what age, ALWAYS TELL YOUR PARENT/ GUARDIAN! If you fight back, you could hurt them even more worse than they hurt you. Either that could happen or he could tell someone about you and you will probably get most of the blame. Only fight back if he is truly and utterly (MORE)

How do you get my brother to stop smoking?

Your brother is addicted to the drug nicotine. There is not much that you can do to get him to quit. He will have to decide to do so on his own. Bugging him about it is just as likely to irritate him and make him stubborn about it as it is to make him want to stop. You might try writing him a le (MORE)

How can you get your little brother to stop bothering you?

tickle him until he stops. works on sister too. but will only work if they do not like being tickled!!!!! New Answer ** Also, I find it easier if you just ignore the to get them to stop bothering you. They (he) just wants attention, and you are giving it to them by repeatedly asking for them to (MORE)

How do you get your brother to stop being mean?

Little Brothers: Little brothers are not old enough to get that they are misbehaving- or if they are old enough, they are trying to get attention. Try to be nice to them and give them attention. Explain how they can be better. Older Brothers: Older brothers are more mature and probably know they a (MORE)

How do you stop your brother being annoying?

What works for me is putting itching powder or scratching powder in his blankets during winter. The reason for this is that he doesn't want to get out of bed because he's cold and he will stay up all night scratching or itching which means he sleeps in. If this is no help to you be annoying back by (MORE)

How do you get your little brother to stop stealing?

If your brother or sister is stealing from you, take something of theirs. A game, ipod or sleeping things, tell them to give you your things back and you will give them their things back. If they tell your mom or dad, just tell them you'll give it back if they give yours back. It works sometimes, ma (MORE)

How do you stop annoying your brother?

You're annoying him because you're frustrated about something, and it may have nothing to do with your brother. Try to figure out what's bothering you deep down, think about how you're feeling when you end up annoying him. Can you figure out what it is? If you can, you're on your way to resolving it (MORE)

Why did the naked brother band stop singing?

i love the Naked Brothers Band and i love Nat Wolf and i liked seeing him all the time on TV but now i can't because they are not on TV no more can you guys please show it on TV again

How do you get your brother to stop picking his nose?

The way I always do this is I give him a reward. If you have asked him many times you may have to go thru this step. If not take consequences tell him if he doesn't stop picking his nose he will get sick and won't be able to play with his friends .

How do you stop my brother from annoying me?

WELL, if he has made you look stupid, then get even with him make him look stupid and if it doesnt work try and reason with him or even ignore him and be the better person HOPE that turns out well for you!! You might be frustrated with him and you to will get annoyed

How do you stop big brothers bullying you?

You just do something so bad to him that he will never bother you again but if he tries to bother you again then just do the bad thing again until he stops forever.(or at least along time)

How can you make brothers stop hitting?

Spank them both until they stop or cut allowances or ban them from Playstaton or computer games for a week (that's a bit harsh so save it till they do something really bad)

How do you stop your brother from playing on the computer?

If it's your younger brother, under 7, say " If you touch the computer, all the ghosts in the house will come and take you back in time and you'll never get to play again. EVER! You'll be a slave to the ancient Amazons!" If it's your older brother, password block it.

How do you get your brothers to stop being mean?

If your the only girl in the house you have to learn how to fight if you want to face your brothers. Take karate or boxing when they see that your just as tough as them they'll stop for sure!

How do you get your little brothers to stop annoying you?

I have the worst little brother in the universe well hes not that little hes only two years younger than me (he's eight) but here is some ways to stop him annoying you .ignore him .walk out of the room when he is bugging you .dont annoy him too much or he'll do it more .dont act like your the adult (MORE)

How do you stop girls from stalking your brother?

Go up to them and say... "Hi, I don't think i know you (if you don't) but I've heard that you are stalking my brother. I know that it is none of my business but please stop because it is very annoying, and I think that is how my brother feels about it too." ...and if that does not work... "Hi, (MORE)

How do you stop fighting with your brother?

Ignore him. If he comes up to you and starts tease you just walk away. Or if he comes up to you and says your ugly just laugh and say thanks and just keep walking. I hope I helped you

How to stop your younger brother hitting you?

kick him in the balls, punch him in the face. Shag his Girlfriend ( if he has one) and stab him with a dildo. Also break his nose and smash his ps3 cuz they are crap xbox rules :) :) :) :)

How do you get your little brother to stop bugging you?

i know how you gus feel im turning 14 and my lil bro is turning 12 (let the record show he was born on the century.) he calls me gay fat lezo and words i cant say and gets lizards and puts in my bed usally if you bond with him he stops bugging you but if he blackmails you at school and says not to t (MORE)

How do you get my brother to stop thinking that my iPod is his?

Get some decorative tape which will go well with your iPod from hobby craft. I have red. Trace the apple on the back onto paper and use as a template to cut out the apple shape. Be careful that the tape does not fold and stick together! Then stick over the top of the original apple logo. If you like (MORE)

How do you get you little brother to stop annoying you?

Tell on him or if u are an adult move away if you live with him. tell them that you love them and that will sometimes stop them my other answer is (wouldn't recommend) but punch them in the face to show them that you are not afraid because some little brothers say you are afraid , you are a wimp ,yo (MORE)

How do you stop big brothers from annoying you?

well, I usually try to annoy him back. for example, when hehits me i hit him back and when he calls me names i call him namestoo. but the best way to stop them is make the do gross things likelicking your foot. he'll probably say "that's disgusting! No!" or"gross!" but just ignore that and stick you (MORE)