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How do you store 35mm film?

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Store your film in a cool, dry and dark place.
I use a mini beer frigde to store all my film in.
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35mm to inches?

very close to 1 3/8 Direct Conversion Formula 35 mm   *   1 in 25.4 mm   =   1.377952756 in /

How big is 35mm?

1.38 inches.

35mm equals to how many inches?

Just over one-and-a-third inches Direct Conversion Formula 35 mm   *   1 in 25.4 mm   =   1.377952756 in /

Can you convert a 35mm camera to digital?

Oh yes, it is possible, and has been done for a number of medium and large-format cameras. A digital camera back may be used in place of the film holder. However, it may be sl

Disadvantages of a 35mm camera?

35mm is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Everything 35mm can do, digital can probably do better (or, just as well) and more importantly ... more conveniently. * 35mm f

Why do photographers store film in the refrigerator?

Film reacts to light and heat is closely related to light, think sunshine or touching a light bulb that has been on for a while, so keeping film in a refrigerator protects it

How much rain is 35mm?

Every millimetre is 1/10 of a centimetre. So using that, 35mm =  3.5cm.

You have some rolls of 35mm negatives which are from 1943 and have become so brittle they are hard to unwind so you can print them Is there any way to soften this film so you can have printed?

Answer   you can soak them in water, or you may add a very small amount of dish soap to soften the water (makes it easier to dry and leaves fewer water marks). hang them

What are 35mm slides?

35 mm is a size of old chemical film for cameras (i.e. before  digital). There are two types of film, negative, which is then used  to make paper prints, and positive or sli

What is marlin 35mm gun worth?

You must be reffering to the 35caliber marlin.A 35mm would fire a  projectile that is between 2inches and 4inches in diameter.Before a  value can be established you would ha