How do you sue the U.S. government?

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You can sue the U.S. government much as you'd sue any other individual or government agency. Simply hire a lawyer to fill out the paperwork for you and proceed from there.
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What are the three branches of the U.S. government?

The Executive Branch; The Legislative Branch; The Judicial Branch. LegislativeExecutiveJudicial . 1.Legislative branch - (i.e. Congress). . 2.Executive branch (i.e. The President). . 3.Judicial branch (i.e. The Supreme Court).

Where does the U.S. government derive their just powers from?

All governmental power in the United States of America comes from the people. ----- The "just power" is "Man" or "consent of the governed." It means the people of the country who are being ruled by the government are the "just power". The government is only in control as long as the people let (MORE)

How do you sue the U.S. government.?

Generally, a sovereign government cannot be sued unless it allows itself to be sued. In the United States, Congress has passed the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) allowing the U.S. government to be sued for the tortious negligence of its employees that causes personal injury or property damage. Prior (MORE)

Can the Vietnamese government arrest a U.S. citizen?

The Vietnamese government cannot arrest a U.S. citizen if the Vietnamese agents are operating within the United States and want to nab the individual here. In the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, however, a U.S. citizen can be detained. Limits on detention are different for those with diplomatic immun (MORE)

Can you give reasons to trust the U.S. government?

They have more guns and the will to use them. Other countries have lots of weapons too. The ones that don't have guns probably also lack running water or medicine. Be a big boy and choose a side. _________________________________________________________________ Honestly to tell you the truth i (MORE)

How did the U.S. government respond to the dust bowl?

The President established the Resettlement Administration and later, the Farm Security Administration to alleviate the plight of the migrants and rural poor, and also to attack the root causes of environmental degradation that brought about the dustbowl conditions. The Civilian Conservation Corps (C (MORE)

Can you sue state government?

Yes, in fact the Constitution specifically contemplates this in Article 3, Section 2, Clause where it states the judicial power extends to cases ". . .between a State and citizens of another State. . ." This did not mean that a state could not be sued by its own citizens. It meant that federal judic (MORE)

Does Algeria have a stable government compared to the U.S.?

Compared to the United States, Algeria is not stable. There werepolitical riots in 1988. Over 200,000, lost their lives in thecivil war. However it has been stable since and has not had theArab Spring problems of other countries near it.

How do you sue the US government for medical negligence?

You hire a lawyer and you sue the medical treatment facility.. Also, when did you discover possbile medical negligence? There is a time limitation.. Call post or base legal office to find out limitations.. The Medcial Facility will then sequester your records so no one can make changes to the rec (MORE)

Can a US Citizen sue the government?

The US government is protected by "Sovereign Immunity". In 1946 Congress passed The Federal Tort Claims Act giving individual LIMITED right to sue the government.

What are the 3 levels of government called in U.S?

The executive,Legislative and judicial. The United States Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government. It is bicameral, comprising the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives consists of 435 voting members, each of whom represents a congressional di (MORE)

Are U.S. Representatives in the Judicial branch of government?

No. U.S. Representatives, and Senators, are members of the U.S. House and Senate, respectively. These representative, lawmaking bodies of the U.S. government make up the Legislative branch. The Judicial branch of the U.S. government is the federal court system. The third branch is the Executive, con (MORE)

The U.S government officially is?

A joke, bankrupt, run by madmen, undemocratic, infested with aliens, away with the fairies, a figment of everyone's imagination, controlled by Russia,, run by the Freemasons, controlled by the Knights Templar. Have I missed any crackpot theories.

How is the Texas Government A reflection on the u.s. government?

The Texas government has a constitution, has a written plan that organizes the government into 3 branches, has somebody that's in charge, such as the President and the Governor, both have two houses in the Congress, both enforce laws, establish courts, collect taxes, borrow money and provide welfare (MORE)

What are examples of the U.S principles of government?

these are the examples of th U.S principles of government that i could find Popular sovereignity.-- people vote to allow skate boarding on the streets Federalism.-- the central government has passed a law to send trops to Iraq.The state of Maryland has funded schools in its state Separation of powe (MORE)

If you are attacked by an Iranian government terrorist can you sue them?

It is complicated. First, the link between any particular act of terrorist violenceand the Iranian government is very difficult to prove. Most of theterrorist organizations supported by Iran are funded withoutregards to their particular missions. Second, it depends on whatcountry you come from. Cou (MORE)

Can you sue a Florida department of government?

\nIt depends on what happened to you to want to sue the state. If you have suffered a loss or injury from the state or one of the states agents/employees then yes you might have a case. But the question is so vague. But yes you can take your local, state, and federal government to court.

Where was the original seat of the U.S. government?

New York City, New York, was the first capital, from 1789 until sometime in 1790, when the federal government moved the capital to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The United States government relocated to its permanent quarters in Washington, DC, in 1800.

How many Mormons have served in the U.S. government?

Many Mormons have served as senators and congressmen over the past 100 years, practically every senator and congressman ever elected from the state of Utah has been a Mormon. The highest ranking Mormon to ever serve in the U.S. Government was Ezra Taft Benson. He served as secretary of agricultu (MORE)

If the Jewish can sue the German government why can't American Indians and Aborigines sue?

Because the Indians have a treaty that defines their status and means of resolving disputes; and the Jews don't.Additionally, English common law (on which US law is partially based) contains the doctrine that the sovereign (in this case, the federal government) cannot commit a legal wrong and is t (MORE)

What happens if you sue the government?

Do you plan to represent yourself or hire an attorney? Because you had better have a seriously compelling case with tons of supporting evidence to get anywhere. Most attorneys won't touch it, and if one is willing, and needs money up front to start the action, then he is probably a crook. If you hav (MORE)

Why did the US government sue Microsoft?

The main reason given is the number of complaints made by companies trying to do business with Microsoft was so large the Government had to act on the complaints. What is more important is the charges that Microsoft was found guilty as charged on

Is it possible to sue the federal government?

In some instances a private citizen can sue a federal agency. But, as in all lawsuits the action must be specific, such as a suit against HUD, not the "federal government" in general.

Can you sue the government for disability benefits?

You have to find one or more doctors willing to state that you are not able to do any kind of work at all for the rest of your life to be able to get disability, and your medical record has to support this claim. If you could sit in a chair and hand out movie tickets at a theater, then Social Securi (MORE)

What is the highest position women have in the U.S. government?

Currently, the highest position a woman holds in the U.S. government is Secretary of State. The State Department is extremely important and represents the U.S. in diplomatic talks with world leaders. The woman in this position is Hillary Clinton. There also are other women in the president's cabinet (MORE)

Can a military spouse sue the government?

Any one or entity may sue any one or entity for anything, strictlyspeaking; so what you really are asking is "Do I have grounds?"which establishes whether your premise for lawsuit has merit; andthen "Do I have a case?" which might help determine if a lawsuit isin (your) best interests. It is at lea (MORE)

How do you sue the federal government for loss of benefits?

I am a military retiree. Retired in'91 after 20 years. Fully retired from service in 2001. Oct 2013 the Secretary of Defense cut retirement benefits earned in order to save some other program under his control and to meet his requirement to cut his annual budget. This was attempted in '91 but was re (MORE)

Why was this compromise for the functioning of the U.S. government?

The thirteen colonies came together to fight the British but they had to make compromises to stay together. One compromise was to keep slavery since the southern states depended on it. Another compromise was representation. Each state had two senators but a number of representatives based on populat (MORE)

What was the government of the U.S. in 1786 organized around?

In 1786, the US Government was organized around the Revolutionary War Articles of Confederation. But even then, just a few years after the end of the Revolution, it was obvious that the Articles of Confederation weren't working, and there was a movement to convene another Continental Congress to rev (MORE)

What is the U.S. system of government?

The US system of government as specified in the constitution is ademocratic republic. However corruption, bribery, anddiscrimination has frequently denied large groups of voters theright to vote (weakening the democratic part of the system) as wellas biasing the judgement of Representatives and Sena (MORE)