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How do you tag friends in posts on facebook?

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first you must hit the @ button and the start typing the name exp: @patrick swazye *if they're your friend it will pop up with a list to chose from. pick the friend you want and it will highlight it in blue. You can tag as many people as you want.
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How do you tag a friend on Facebook?

If you want to tag a picture of a friend on facebook. First step is go to the picture you want to tag. Then click tag picture then select the name of your friend that you want

How do you get photos to tag your friends on Facebook?

type the @ sign and then start to write your friends name. hope this helps. x In the search thing on Facebook you type in tagmypals.com and then you hit like a go to applicati

How do you tag a friend on facebook photos?

You can tag if you have facebook profile and go in your friend album and there u will see a tag option in his photo album use that option and tag photo to your any friend whic

How do you post on the wall of a friend on facebook page?

To post diretly on a friend's timeline:    Navigate to your friend's wall/page  Enter the post into the box at the top of the page     To prevent your friends f

How do you tag a person you are not friends with in a comment on Facebook?

Just add a Name and a last name it won't give you opion to see there page thow I'm the same girl that did the Mall World mom & dad go crazy with facebook just make sure you ad